edexcel gcse history paper 1: medicine in britain

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Medieval medicine: causes of disease
What were the four ways that peop...,
What were the four humours,
How did people think the four hum...
17  cards
Medieval medicine: healers and hospitals
Who treated most illnesses in med...,
Give three examples of things wom...,
What could women not do in mediev...
28  cards
Medieval Medicine: treatments and preventions
What illness did people in mediev...,
What was the most common treatmen...,
What was the name given to the pr...
16  cards
Medieval Medicine: factors
Name five factors that led to lit...,
Why was it logical for people to ...,
What did the king s government sp...
11  cards
Medieval Medicine: the Black Death
In what year did the black death ...,
How was quarantine used during th...,
Give two things king edward iii s...
9  cards
Renaissance Medicine: the Great Plague
What new idea about the cause of ...,
How many times did the king discu...,
What happened to theatres during ...
17  cards
Renaissance Medicine: key individuals
At what university did andreas ve...,
What was the name of vesalius s f...,
What was the name of vesalius s m...
25  cards
Renaissance Medicine: other factors improving medical knowledge
How did renaissance artists impro...,
What was the scientific method wh...,
Why did battlefield doctors have ...
16  cards
Renaissance Medicine: healers and treatments
Give three ways in which the trai...,
How much change was there in the ...,
What happened to many hospitals i...
12  cards
19th Century Medicine: Jenner and vaccination
What were the symptoms of smallpox,
How deadly was smallpox,
Describe the inoculation method o...
24  cards
19th Century Medicine: Pasteur, Koch and causes
What theory about the causes of d...,
Describe louis pasteur s experime...,
What was the result of louis past...
16  cards
19th Century Medicine: changes in surgery
What did humphry davy first use a...,
What did william e clarke use as ...,
What anaesthetic did james simpso...
27  cards
19th Century Medicine: public health
What were the symptoms of cholera,
How was cholera spread,
Why did cholera mainly affect the...
23  cards
19th Century Medicine: Nightingale and hospitals
Where did florence nightingale ta...,
What were florence nightingale s ...,
What did florence nightingale dem...
18  cards
20th Century Medicine: DNA and genetics
What is a gene,
What are genes made from,
What name is given to the complet...
14  cards
20th Century Medicine: lifestyle factors
What did charles booth discover a...,
What did seebohm rowntree discove...,
Give three examples of conditions...
10  cards
20th Century Medicine: improvements in diagnosis
Who first developed x rays in 1895,
What problem was caused by early ...,
What disease with no symptoms in ...
18  cards
20th Century Medicine: new treatments
What is a magic bullet,
Whose work did magic bullets buil...,
What was the name of the first ma...
31  cards
20th Century Medicine: public health and prevention
Give three groups of people who b...,
How did the second world war chan...,
What did sir william beveridge re...
18  cards
20th Century Medicine: lung cancer
In what year was the first eviden...,
Why is lung cancer particularly d...,
What proportion of people with lu...
13  cards
Western Front: key battles
When did the first battle of ypre...,
What was the outcome of the first...,
What was the name of the hill cap...
23  cards
Western Front: trenches and ambulances
What were traverses in the trench...,
What role did duckboards play in ...,
What was the parados and what rol...
21  cards
Western Front: medical problems
What caused trench foot,
What were the symptoms of trench ...,
What condition set in during the ...
37  cards
Western Front: treatment of the wounded
What organisation was responsible...,
How many men did the ramc have in...,
How many men did the ramc have by...
36  cards
Western Front: new developments
What was the carrel dakin method ...,
Describe the carrel dakin method,
Describe the three steps involved...
26  cards

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edexcel gcse history paper 1: medicine in britain

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