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Lecture 1 - Introduction to Biomechanics
What is biomechanics,
What is kinematics,
What is kinetics
28  cards
Lecture 2 - Mechanical Properties of Materials
What do extensive properties depe...,
What are two examples of extensiv...,
What do intensive properties not ...
53  cards
Lecture 3 - Tissue Mechanics: Bone & Cartilage
What two principle structure comp...,
What is collagen,
What is the of bone organic conte...
58  cards
Lecture 4 - Tissue Mechanics: Tendons and Ligaments
What is similar to tendons and li...,
What is the difference between te...,
What are the functions of tendons
47  cards
Lecture 5 - Skeletal Muscle
What kind of muscle is the most a...,
How many muscle pairs are there,
What are the 3 kinds of muscle
93  cards
Lecture 6 - Hip Biomechanics (part 1)
What are the bones of the hip,
What are the structures of the in...,
What are the structures of the fe...
35  cards
Lecture 7 - Hip Biomechanics (part 2)
What are the groupings for the mu...,
What are the hip flexors,
What does the psoas major do
23  cards
Lecture 8 - Biomechanics of the Knee (part 1)
What are the 2 joints of the knee,
What 3 bones comprises the knee,
Which condyles of the femur artic...
95  cards
Lecture 9 - Biomechanics of the Knee (part 2)
What are the main knee extensors,
What kind of muscle is the rectus...,
What effects of weakness does the...
35  cards
Lecture 10 - Biomechanics of the Ankle and Foot (part 1)
What are the 5 parts of the ankle...,
Which portion of the tibia is lat...,
What does the distal portion of t...
26  cards
Lecture 11 - Biomechanics of the Ankle and Foot (part 2)
What are the 4 muscles of the ant...,
Which muscle of the anterior comp...,
What are the 2 effects of weaknes...
28  cards
Lecture 12 - Gait and Posture
What is postural sway,
What is sway,
What is the ideal posture concept
60  cards
Lecture 13 - Spine
How many primary curves do newbor...,
What are the 2 spine curves,
Lordosis involves what 2 spinal s...
104  cards
Lecture 14 - Shoulder Biomechanics
What makes up the shoulder complex,
What is the bone structure,
What are the bones of the shoulde...
72  cards
Lecture 15 - Wrist
What are the
1  cards
Lecture 16 - Elbow
What are the bone structures of t...,
What are the articulations and su...,
What are the 2 movements of the e...
60  cards

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