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Exam Terms
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1.1.1 Localisation of Brain Function (Bi) x
How do we know which areas of the...,
What are the two halves of the br...,
What are the cerebral hemispheres...
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1.1.1 Neurotransmitters (Bi) x
What are neurones,
What do multiple neurones form,
Do neurons physically connect
29  cards
1.1.1 Evolutionary influences (Bi) x
What does the evolutionary assump...,
Explain the process of evolution,
What is the biologically prepared...
11  cards
1.1.1 Biological explanation for relationship formation
What does evolutionary theory pro...,
How do traits that enhance sexual...,
What traits do men look for in women
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1.1.2 Psychosurgery
Applying the biological approach ...,
Psychosurgery aims,
Give an example of psychosurgery
11  cards
1.1.2 Psychosurgery evaluation
Cosgrove and rauch positve or neg...,
What did cosgrove and rauch find,
What is one weakness to cosgrove ...
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1.1.3 Strengths & Weaknesses (Biological Approach)
What is the first step in evaluation,
What is the second step of evalua...,
What is the third step in evaluation
22  cards
1.1.4 Classic Research (Bi)
What did research show about rats...,
What did severing the corpus call...,
What does the research on rats su...
22  cards
1.1.4 Raine Et Al Study (Bi)
What is research hypothesis 1,
What is the purpose of the contro...,
Is research hypothesis 1 adirecti...
58  cards
1.1.4 Evaluation Of Raine Study
Why is the study being a quasi ex...,
Give an example of a cv that coul...,
Because the study is a quasi expe...
15  cards
1.1.5 Biological Debate
What do neuroscientists study,
What has modern technology allowe...,
What is the debate surrounding ne...
54  cards
1.1.6 The Biological Approach compare and contrast (Bi)
What is the he assumption of the ...,
What research methods are used in...,
What therapy is used in the biolo...
10  cards
1.2.1 Tripartite Personality (PD)
What are the 3 levels of conscie,
What is psychic determinism,
How are contents of the
21  cards
1.2.1 The Unconcious Mind (PD)
What does this assumption say,
What analogy is used to explain t...,
What are the 3 parts to the icebe...
26  cards
1.2.1 Childhood Experiences (PD)
What did freud say we pass through,
To develop a healthy personality ...,
What can occur in some stages
34  cards
1.2.1 Psychodynamic explanation for relationship formation
What is the oedipus complex,
What happens in the oedipus complex,
How is this resolved
16  cards
1.2.2 applications of assumptions Dream Analysis (PD)
What is dream analysis,
What is our current psychological...,
What does dream analysis do to th...
15  cards
1.2.2 Dreams As Wish Fullfillment (PD)
What did freud suggest all dreams...,
What did freud base his third of ...,
What was the context of fred s dream
8  cards
1.2.2 Symbolic Nature Of Dreams (PD)
Why are unconscious desires disgu...,
What is manifest content,
What did feud believe about the m...
8  cards
1.2.2 Dreamwork & The Therapist (PD)
What is latent content,
What is manifest content,
What is the role of the therapist...
16  cards
1.2.2 Ethics Of dream Analysis (Ps)
How might dream analysis cause em...,
What do patients have to be warne...,
What cost benefit analysis has to...
13  cards
1.2.2 Effectiveness Of Dream Analysis (Ps)
Why is it difficult to assess the...,
What were some of keller et al s ...,
What percentage of therapy sessio...
12  cards
1.2.3 strengths and weaknesses (psychodynamic approach)
What is the first step in evaluation,
What is the second step of evalua...,
What is the third step in evaluation
23  cards
1.2.4 Bowlby Methodology And Procedure (PD)
What were the types of long lasti...,
What were some of the negative so...,
What were some of the negative em...
26  cards
1.2.4 Bowlby Findings And Conclusions (PD)
How many main personality types d...,
List the personality types,
Describe the normal personality type
29  cards
1.2.4 Bowlby Evaluation
Evaluation of methodologies and p...,
Why is there no casual findings i...,
Give an example of this
14  cards
1.2.5 debate - mother as the primary care giver for and against
What is a primary care giver,
What does the debate propose,
Outline the main arguements for t...
47  cards
1.2.5 debate - mother as the primary care giver evaluation
What is an ethical implication of...,
Why is this ethical implication p...,
What is a
14  cards
1.2.5 debate - mother as the primary care giver conclusion
Why is the view that the mother a...,
Use eveidence from bowlby to show...,
Give evidence to show how men are...
5  cards
1.2.6 Compare & Contrast Psychodynamic
Is the psychodynamic approach psy...,
What is the key assumption of the...,
What research methods are used in...
19  cards
1.3.1 The Behaviourist Approach (Be)
What does the behaviourist approa...,
When was the behaviourist approac...,
What is the main assumption of th...
10  cards
1.3.1 Blank Slate Assumption (Be)
What does tabula rasa mean,
What does this assumption mean,
What does the blank slate assumpt...
11  cards
1.3.1 Conditioning Assumption (Be)
What is conditioning,
What are the two types of conditi...,
In short what is classical condit...
44  cards
1.3.1 Learning Assumption (Be)
What does the learning assumption...,
What do behaviourists believe abo...,
If animals and humans learn in th...
10  cards
1.3.1 Behaviourist explanation for relationship formation
As behaviourists believe that all...,
What drives our behaviour accordi...,
Give an example of positive reinf...
8  cards
1.3.2 application of behaviourist approach to aversion therapy
How do behavioural therapies work,
What assumption and what conditio...,
Give an example of aversion therapy
6  cards
1.3.2 Main components of Aversion therapy
Give an example of aversion therapy,
What is aversion therapy commonly...,
How did badawy find away to modif...
6  cards
1.3.2 Evaluation of aversion therapy
What did miller do to try and fin...,
What did miller find,
What did smith et al find about a...
14  cards
1.3.3 Strengths And Weaknesses Of behaviourist Approach (Be)
What is strength 1 of the behavio...,
What can happen to these factors s1,
What can controlled experiments i...
24  cards
1.3.4 Classical Research - Little Albert
What was the little albert study ...,
What research method was used in ...,
Who was the participant
43  cards
1.3.4 Evaluation Of Little Albert
Methodology and procedure what wa...,
Methodology and procedure 1 evs w...,
Methodology and procedure 1 how w...
25  cards
1.3.4 Ethics & Social Of Little Albert
Harm albert was not protected fro...,
Harm watson and rayner initially ...,
Harm as time went on what became ...
21  cards
1.3.5 Conditioning Techniques To Control Children
What is the debate,
Home for the supernanny team advo...,
Home for the techniques the super...
61  cards
1.3.6 Compare & Contrast Behaviourist
Is the behaviourist approach psyc...,
What is the key assumption of the...,
What research methods are used in...
19  cards
1.4.1 Internal Mental Processes (Co)
What processes are seen as interc...,
These processing systems allow us...,
What is perception
14  cards
1.4.1 Computer Analogy (Co)
What does the computer analogy as...,
What is this assumption an extens...,
What process occurs in humans and...
17  cards
1.4.1 Schemas (Co)
What is a scheme,
What are some types of schema,
Give an example of an object schema
15  cards
1.4.1 Cognitive explanation for relationship formation
How can schemas be applied to rel...,
What did dion et al find about sc...,
What is the effect dion et al fou...
9  cards
1.4.2 apply Cognitive approach to CBT
How did beck suggest abnormal beh...,
What underlies the principles of cbt,
What is the role of the therapist...
8  cards
1.4.2 Main components of CBT
Who first developed the cognitive...,
What 2 approaches does cbt use,
What is the cognitive element
14  cards
1.4.2 CBT effectivness evaluation
What did david and avellino state...,
What did march et al find,
What did kuyken state about thera...
13  cards
1.4.2 CBT ethics evaluation
Is cbt ethical in terms of causin...,
Is cbt ethical in terms of consent,
Is cbt ethical in terms of psycho...
9  cards
1.4.3 strengths & weaknesses cognitive (Co)
One strength is that the cognitiv...,
What does rebt do,
Why is the useful application of ...
29  cards
1.4.4 - Classic Research Loftus & palmer (Co)
What did carmichael et al find ab...,
What does carmichael s research s...,
If we are faced with an ambiguous...
51  cards
1.4.4 Evaluation Of Loftus And Palmer Study (co)
One strength of the methodology w...,
What did the experiments involve,
What are the strengths of control...
26  cards
1.4.5 Cognitive Debate - Reliability Of EWT
Why do juries give a lot of weigh...,
What did the innocence project st...,
Why are wrongful convictions and ...
82  cards
1.4.6 Compare & Contrast Cognitive
Is the cognitive approach psychol...,
What is the key assumption of the...,
What research methods are used in...
20  cards
1.5.1 Acknowledgement Of Free Will (Po)
According to this assumption what...,
According to this assumption what...,
What are humans in charge of
9  cards
1.5.1 Authenticity Of Goodness And Excellence (Ps)
What did seligman feel a major ob...,
Give examples of negative states,
What does authentic mean
11  cards
1.5.1 The Good Life (Po)
According to this assumption what...,
What does the good life refer to,
What did seligman identify
11  cards
1.5.2 Effectiveness Of Mindfulness (Po)
What did brown and ryan s 2013 re...,
What did sharipo et al s 2002 rea...,
What did mantsiod giannov s resea...
13  cards
1.5.2 Ethics Of Mindfulness (Po)
What can improving mindfulness he...,
How did ruedy and schweitzer demo...,
Why is mindfulness good for all
17  cards
1.5.2 Mindfulness - Application of Assumptions (Po)
What does mindfulness create cond...,
What does mindfulness involve,
What does mindfulness help
10  cards
1.5.2 Mindfulness (Po)
What was kabat zinn s definition ...,
Mindfulness creates conditions fo...,
Where does mindfulness have its r...
25  cards
1.5.3 Strengths & Weaknesses Positive
Real life applications the positi...,
Real life applications eg schools...,
Real life applications what activ...
29  cards
1.5.4 Who Is Happy?
Who conducted the research and when,
The research wants to understand ...,
Myers and deiner looked at the ev...
60  cards
1.5.4 Evaluation Of Who Is Happy
Methodology the data collected by...,
Methodology self report when some...,
Methodology self report why might...
26  cards
1.5.4 Ethical & Social Myers & Deiner
The research raised very little r...,
There was no manipulation as you ...,
Why do you need to work with ethi...
10  cards
1.5.5 The relevance of positive psychology
Points that show positive psychol...,
What was the goal of positive psy...,
What is the issue with the other ...
53  cards
1.5.5 Relevance of positive psychology evaluation
What is a positive social implica...,
What is an ethical implication of...,
What is some evidence that shows ...
11  cards
1.5.6 Compare & Contrast Positive
Is the positive approach biologic...,
What is the key assumption of the...,
What research methods are used in...
18  cards
2.1.1 Experimental Methodologies (RM)
Give some strengths of a laborato...,
Give some weaknesses of lab exper...,
Give examples of demand character...
11  cards
2.1.1 Research terminology
What is a hypothesis,
What is an aim,
What is a directional hypothesis
36  cards
2.2.1 Observations (non experimental)
What do observations involve,
You can use a video camera to rec...,
What are some weaknesses of using...
18  cards
2.2.2 self report methods (non experimental)
What are two examples of self rep...,
What do self report methods involve,
Do self reports produce qualitati...
24  cards
2.2.3 Analyses (content, correlational) (Non experimental)
What is a content analysis,
What is a content analysis used for,
What sort of communications can a...
16  cards
2.2.4 Studies (non experimental)
What is a case study you,
What can case studies give you in...,
What are sources of info a psycho...
13  cards
2.2.5 Brain scans (non experimental)
What are brain scans,
What are the two types of brain scan,
What is a structural brain scan
6  cards
2.3.1 Participants & Probability sampling
What is a target population,
In a study to investigate whether...,
In an ideal world who would you s...
20  cards
2.3.2 Non probability sampling
What is involved in non probabili...,
What are the four non probability...,
What is opportunity sampling
15  cards
2.3.3 Experimental designs
What is the experimental group,
What is the control group,
What do the placebo group provide
31  cards
2.4.1 Ethics
Why do we need to consider ethics...,
Living beings are sentient beings...,
Where did modern psychologists co...
43  cards
2.4.2 Dealing with ethical issues and humans
In some cases what us the way of ...,
What is debriefing,
When is debriefing carried out why
19  cards
2.4.3 ethical issues and non human animals
What harm can be caused to animals,
What is an issue with consent and...,
What is an issue of using animals
10  cards
2.4.4 Reliability and Validity
What is another word for reliability,
What does validity refer to,
A study lacking reliability will ...
38  cards
2.5.1 levels of measurement
What are the four levels of measu...,
What is nominal data,
Give an example of nominal data
16  cards
2.5.2 Descriptive statistics
How do you calculate the mean,
What is a strength of using the mean,
What is a weakness of using the mean
16  cards
2.6.2 Social psychology & Milgram
What are social psychologists int...,
Give examples of research methods...,
When was milgrams research carrie...
37  cards
2.6.2 Developmental Psychology & Kohlberg
What does development refer to,
What studies do psychologists use...,
What was kohlbergs aim
37  cards
2.6.2 Kohlberg Evaluation
Ecological validity why did kohlb...,
Ecological validity gilligan kohl...,
Ecological validity gilligan the ...
28  cards
3.1.1 Characteristics of Addiction
Rather than talk about addiction ...,
The word addiction comes from the...,
What are some types of addiction ...
28  cards
3.1.1 Issues when studying addiction
Studies of addiction require indi...,
Studying addiction in a lab often...,
It can be difficult to obtain a r...
9  cards
3.1.2 Dopamine & addicton
What is dopamine,
What are high levels of dopamine ...,
Dopamine was associated with addi...
28  cards
3.1.2 Evaluating dopamine & addiction
What did corigall coens 1991 rat ...,
Corigall coen what does the nicot...,
How is corigall coens rat researc...
18  cards
3.1.2 Genetics & Addiction
What is the genetic explanation u...,
What does the genetic explanation...,
What are first degree relatives f...
27  cards
3.1.2 Evaluating Genes & Addiction
For in what percentage of dead al...,
For in what percentage of dead no...,
For in what percentage of dead sm...
24  cards
3.1.2 Evaluating dopamine & genetic explanations
From a social and ethical view wh...,
Biological explanations reduce bl...,
Is the biological explanation a d...
10  cards
3.1.3 Personality and Addiction
What are individual differences,
What is personality,
Is a persons personality relative...
20  cards
3.1.3 Evaluation of personality & addiction
Support gossop eysenck the drug a...,
Support what does gossop and eyse...,
Support gossop eysenck how many a...
26  cards
3.1.3 Cognitive Biases (Add)
How could computer analogy explai...,
How could schemas explain addiction,
According to the cognitive view a...
23  cards
3.1.3 Cognitive biases evaluation (Add)
Support who did griffiths compare,
Support what did griffiths compare,
Support what did griffiths find
15  cards
3.1.4 Media & Addiction
How does bandura s slt apply to t...,
Lyons teal found alcohol use was ...,
Glantz et al said the no of smoke...
25  cards
3.1.4 Peer influences (Add)
Give a statistic demonstrating th...,
Give an example of the role of ob...,
In reality peer influences on add...
22  cards
3.1.4 Media & Addiction evaluation
Majority of research on media and...,
What is a weakness of a lot of re...,
Pechmann shih used a lab experime...
22  cards
3.1.4 Peer influences evaluation (Add)
Support simons morton farnat cond...,
Support simons morton farnat almo...,
S m f what are prospective studies
28  cards
3.1.5 Agonist & Antagonist substitution (Add)
These drugs are mainly given to a...,
Why do bio psychologists advocate...,
What is an agonist
27  cards
3.1.5 Agonist & Antagonist Evaluation (Add)
Agonist nice assessed 31 reviews ...,
Agonist methadone what is a rando...,
Agonist methadone nice found high...
48  cards
3.1.5 Aversion Therapy (Add)
What principles is aversion thera...,
What do we want addicts to associ...,
Antabuse what is antabuse used to...
16  cards
3.1.5 Aversion Therapy Evaluation (Add)
Antabuse niederhofer staffen comp...,
Antabuse niederhofer staffen foun...,
Antabuse jorgensen et al found th...
32  cards
3.2.1 Characteristics of schizophrenia
What is schizophrenia not,
What is schizophrenia characteris...,
How many people in england wales ...
28  cards
3.2.1 issues in investigating schizophrenia
What are the 5 issues of investig...,
To be diagnosed with schizophreni...,
Why is diagnostic criteria a pote...
16  cards
3.2.2 Dopamine Explanation (Sch)
Dopamine what did research in the...,
Dopamine what is parkinson s disease,
Dopamine what did the drug l dopa do
28  cards
3.2.2 Dopamine Hypothesis Evaluation (Sch)
Genes many researchers believe do...,
Genes there is a large body of ev...,
Genes gottesman as genetic simila...
40  cards
3.2.2 Structural Abnormalities (Sch)
When could this theory be developed,
Enlarged ventricles what are vent...,
Enlarged ventricles in some indiv...
16  cards
3.2.2 Structural Abnormalities Evaluation (Sch)
Replicable it has been claimed wh...,
Replicable suddeth et al looked a...,
Replicable suddeth what was found...
14  cards
3.2.3 Psychodynamic explanation of schizophrenia
How old are you in the oral stage,
In the oral stage how is satisfac...,
How do you become orally fixated
21  cards
3.2.3 Psychodynamic Evaluation (Sch)
1 today freudian concepts are vie...,
2 the psychodynamic approach has ...,
2 why is the unconscious mind dif...
37  cards
3.2.3 Cognitive Explanations Of Schizophrenia
Hallucinations what percent of pe...,
Hallucinations most people experi...,
Hallucinations what can cause peo...
42  cards
3.2.3 Cognitive Evaluation (Sch)
Schemas hemsley believed the brea...,
Support batch compared people wit...,
Support barch those with schizoph...
32  cards
3.2.4 Sociocultural Factors (Sch)
What are sociocultural factors,
To understand the causes of schiz...,
Urbanicity there is higher preval...
37  cards
3.2.4 Dysfunctional Families exp. (Sch)
What theory did bateson come up with,
Double bind symptoms of schizophr...,
Double bind these communication d...
25  cards
3.2.4 Sociocultural Evaluation (Sch)
What are the 3 aspects of the eva...,
Mechanisms general health is norm...,
Mechanisms why might public healt...
36  cards
3.2.4 Dysfunctional Families Evaluation (Sch)
Lack of research support many stu...,
Lack of research support there is...,
Lack of research support liem gav...
32  cards
3.2.5 CBT components
What fields of psychology does cb...,
What are the cognitive aspects,
What are the behavioural aspects
22  cards
3.2.5 CBT evaluation effectivness
Who had evidence for cbt effectiv...,
Did kuipers say cbt was effective...,
What did kuipers et al find that ...
18  cards
3.2.5 CBT evaluation ethical implications
How does cbt have free will,
What are people with schizophreni...,
Why are people with schizophrenia...
13  cards
3.2.5 CBT evaluation social implications
What is a social implication of c...,
Why is the availability of cbt de...,
What variations between geographi...
9  cards
3.3.2 Cortisol & chronic stress
What does the hpa pathway stand for,
Hpa pathway when a stressor is en...,
Hpa pathway 1 stressor is perceiv...
18  cards
3.3.3 Type A & B Personalities (Str)
Give some features of a type a pe...,
Give some features of the type b ...,
Who developed the theory of the t...
27  cards
3.3.3 Hardiness Evaluation (Str)
Importance of 3cs maddi believed ...,
Importance of 3cs does sandvik ag...,
Importance of 3cs who did sandvik...
33  cards
3.3.4 Life Events (Str)
What are life events a key source...,
Life events require significant what,
Give examples of some life events
31  cards
3.3.4 Life Events Evaluation (Str)
Culture bias where was the srrs s...,
Culture bias it is possible diffe...,
Culture bias zheng and lin looked...
34  cards
3.3.4 Daily Hassles (Str)
What are daily hassles,
What might daily hassles include,
Why might daily hassles be a more...
30  cards
3.4.1 Psychology Is A Science (Con)
What is a controversy,
What does a controversy not have,
What is science concerned with
42  cards
3.4.1 Psychology Isn't A Science (Con)
Against not all psychological res...,
Against give an example of how so...,
Against but some psychological th...
32  cards
3.4.3 Culture Bias (Con)
Most psychological knowledge is b...,
What is the weird population,
Smith bond of the studies in a br...
50  cards
3.2.1 diagnosing schizophrenia
What are the two types of classi ...,
How are the 2 systems similar for...,
How are the 2 systems different f...
3  cards
friday test
What is operant conditioning link...,
Give an example of addiction in o...,
What techniques are often used by...
7  cards
3.5.1 Characteristics of criminal behaviour
Psychologists that suggested the ...,
What are the 7 categories,
Property predatory crime 2 examples
16  cards
3.5.1 characteristics of crime
What is crime defined as,
Due to crime being determined by ...,
What does the office of national ...
19  cards
3.5.2 genetics (bio)
What are 2 genes especially linke...,
Describe the maoa gene,
How much violent crime is estimat...
4  cards
3.5.2 genetics evaluation (bio)
What was found when 14000 adoptee...,
What do mednick et els findings s...,
What was found when raine analyse...
12  cards
3.5.2 Role of amygdala (bio)
What do mri scans show about crim...,
What does the amygdala effect,
What does normal functioning of t...
6  cards
3.5.2 Role of the amygdala evaluation (bio)
What was pardinis sample,
What did pardini do,
What were pardidnis findings
5  cards
3.5.3 Eysenck criminal personality (individ dif)
What is the continuum of a eysenc...,
What is personality dependant on ...,
According to eysenck who responds...
8  cards
3.5.3 Eysenck's criminal personality evaluation (individ difs)
What do repeat offenders have whe...,
What supports eysencks theory,
Why is eysencks theory high on re...
7  cards
3.5.3 Affection-less psychopath (imdivid diffs)
What does psychodynamic theory su...,
What did bowlby describe as an af...,
What did bowlby say led to an aff...
6  cards
3.5.3 affectionless psychopath evaluation (individ diffs)
What of the prisoners in the unit...,
What of prisoners in united state...,
What did newman suggest about cri...
5  cards
3.5.4 Differential association theory (social psych)
Who came up with differential ass...,
How did sutherland suggest offend...,
How does social learning theory a...
9  cards
3.5.4 differential association theory evaluation (social psych)
What did osborne and west find ab...,
What may have caused osborne and ...,
How can differences in crime stat...
11  cards
3.5.4 gender socialisation (social psych)
What is gender socialisation ques...,
Who came up with gender socialisa...,
What are the gender expectations ...
8  cards
3.5.4 gender socialisation evaluation (social psych`)
What is boys socialisation affect...,
What does it mean for boys that t...,
What does the chivalry hypothesis...
15  cards
3.5.5 alternative explanations of criminal behaviour
What is an alternative explanatio...,
What does the diathesis stress mo...,
How could iq affect criminality
4  cards
3.5.6 Methods of modifying criminal behaviour - restorative justice
Give an outline of what restorati...,
What should the outcome of restor...,
What is the first aim of restorat...
22  cards
3.5.6 Methods of Modifying Criminal Behaviour - restorative justice evaluation
What does the ministry of justice...,
What is the satisfaction rate for...,
What are offenders in prison cons...
7  cards
3.5.6 Method of Modification: Anger management
What is anger management a form of,
What is the aim of anger management,
What does offenders aggression ca...
20  cards
3.5.6 Method of Modification: Anger management evaluation
Who did ireland compare,
What did ireland find from her co...,
What do irelands findings suggest
14  cards
3.5.6 Applying the explanations to methods of modifying criminal behaviour
Broad broad cause of crime accord...,
How this biologicalcause could be...,
Examples of crime prevention stra...
9  cards
Psychology Researchers
Ivan pavlov,
Bf skinner,
Albert bandura
36  cards
2 deliberately misleading or falsely informing PPS about the nature of research.
Define deception,
What are the risks of deception,
What is the issue with sometimes ...
22  cards

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Decks: Section 1 Social Influence Conformity, Section 1 Social Influence Conformity To, Section 1 Social Influence Resistance To, And more!
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