eeg board prep!

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Effects Of Medication
What is an antiepiletic,
28  cards
22  cards
Head Trauma
Close head injury,
Open head injury,
Depressed fracture
10  cards
Vertical resolution,
Long time constant,
What type of seizure is not assoc...
65  cards
3 reasons why eo ec are important...,
What is the minimal amount of rec...,
What is the correct documentation...
11  cards
What eeg finding is most often as...,
What interictal eeg finding is mo...,
What eeg findings are most often ...
18  cards
Electrical Safety
What is the maximum leakage curre...,
Define microshock,
Define macroshock
4  cards
Vascular Supply
Where does the vertebral artery e...,
What arteries account for most of...,
Name the arteries that form the c...
10  cards
Clinical Neuro
Do patients with neurofibromatosi...,
Define neuroblastoma,
Define transient ischemic attack
16  cards
Toxic/Metabolic Infectious
What eeg finding is most often as...,
What eeg finding is most often as...,
What eeg finding is most often as...
6  cards
What are the main functions of th...,
What are the main functions of th...,
What are the main functions of th...
8  cards
Describe electroretinagram artifa...,
Describe tremor artifact and how ...,
Describe how to monitor eye movem...
15  cards
Degenerative Diseases
What eeg finding is most often as...,
What eeg finding is most often as...,
What eeg findings are most often ...
4  cards
Normal EEG
Describe rhythmic mid temporal th...,
Describe posts positive occipital...,
Describe lamda and its occurrence
14  cards
Describe photomyogenic response,
What is the clinical affects of hv,
Why is sleep deprivation consider...
9  cards
Neuro A&P
Action potentials develop in nerv...,
Name the main structures that com...,
What does the corpus callosum con...
10  cards
Define filter,
Which low filter setting will mos...,
Name possible situations in which...
14  cards
Ventricular System
State the pathway for the slow of...,
Ventricular system
2  cards
RED- Questions
Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy jme janz,
Partial seizure disorder,
Complex partial
26  cards
ASET study guides
The basic unit for measuring curr...,
The basic unit of resistance is,
Which of the following is not a v...
13  cards
Laplacian montage,
Bipolar montage,
Double banana
4  cards

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