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Decks in this class (19)

ETC Vocab I (Cards 1-200)
199  cards
ETC Vocab II (Cards 201-400)
To bring up pets children,
Trapped in locked in
190  cards
ETC Vocab III (Cards 401-600)
Appointment s,
195  cards
ETC Vocab IV (Cards 601-800)
Bench terrace plinth,
Flying floating
200  cards
ETC Vocab V (Cards 801-1000)
Common ie held in common,
Idproof of id,
Responsible for
200  cards
ETC Vocab VI (Cards 1001-1200)
Slowly calm downcool your jets,
Advert s,
To love a lot more than anything
190  cards
ETC Vocab VIII (Cards 1401-1600)
Damage v damaged,
Growgrew because of himgrew from ...
200  cards
ETC Vocab VII (Cards 1201-1400)
Bless congratulate,
To find,
Clever pl
200  cards
ETC Vocab IX (Cards 1601-1800)
Slide n,
Slide v,
Park ie children s play area
200  cards
ETC Vocab X (Cards 1801-2000)
Determine v,
To call name
200  cards
ETC Vocab XII (Cards 2201-2400)
Change n,
To wake up ie to really be awake ...,
200  cards
ETC Vocab XIII (Cards 2401-2600)
200  cards
ETC Vocab XI (Cards 2001-2200)
Strict x2,
Commit to stick to observe,
Vital critical
200  cards
ETC Vocab XIV (Cards 2601-2800)
To impose oneself,
To summarise,
Entertainer clown
142  cards
Kallimni Arabi 2.1-5
101  cards
Kallimni Arabi 2.6-10
Im cold,
Below zero,
248  cards
Kallimni Arabi 3.1-4
Was born,
218  cards
Kallimni Arabi 3.5-8
Times have changed,
184  cards
Misc. Vocab
To make atonement,
The new testament,
The old testament
37  cards

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