electrician apprentice - level 4 - canadian

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Red Seal Acronyms
To learn all the the acronyms used in a Red Seal Exam.
64  cards
High Voltage
To ace the High Voltage topic.
60  cards
Red Seal glossary terms
Functions performed by the fire a...,
A low impedance path obtained by ...,
Technique to control the corrosio...
11  cards
PLC Glossary
A character and number combinatio...,
A mechanism in which data is repr...,
Binary digit the smallest particl...
22  cards
2015 Canadian Electrical Code, part I - sections
Object scope and definitions,
General rules,
42  cards
Structured Cabling Acronyms
40  cards
Nurse Call System glossary
Annunciator panel,
Bath station,
Call cord
25  cards
Fire Alarm Systems
An audio distribution scheme usin...,
A binary hexadecimal number that ...,
Devices that are capable of being...
85  cards
Automated Controls
A part of the final control eleme...,
Analog to digital conversion,
An indication that some measured ...
46  cards
Automated Controls - Glossary
How an indicated value conforms t...,
Analog to digital converter,
A signal representing a variable ...
34  cards
2018 Canadian Electrical Code, part I - sections
Object scope and definitions,
General rules,
41  cards
2015 Canadian Electrical Code, part I - tables
Allowable ampacities for single u...,
Allowable ampacities for not more...,
Allowable ampacities for single u...
89  cards
2015 Canadian Electrical Code, part I - Appendix D
Type designations voltage ratings...,
Dc motors,
Distance to centre of distributio...
21  cards

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electrician apprentice - level 4 - canadian

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