electrician - fourth period

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Rectifiers and Battery Chargers - Part A
How do you find the instantaneous...,
How do you find the effective or ...,
What two things does an oscillosc...
43  cards
Rectifiers and Battery Chargers - Part B
How many types of rectifiers are ...,
What is a single phase half wave ...,
What is a centre tapped full wave...
12  cards
Programmable Logic Controllers
How do you usually select a plc,
What would you connect to the inp...,
What would be connected to the ou...
25  cards
Alternators and Generators
What is a dynamo,
Could an electrical dynamo functi...,
What is a generator
32  cards
PLC Timers
What is the maximum time that one...,
When the rung of the ton instruct...,
When does a ton begin timing
22  cards
PLC Memory
The compact logix memory word con...,
What does application memory cons...,
What does system memory consist of
17  cards
PLC Hardware Componets
The term hardware in a plc applic...,
What componets make up a plc,
How are plc power supplies selected
20  cards
PLC Counters
Which software command is used to...,
What is a ctd in a plc program us...,
What is the mnemonic for a high s...
11  cards
PLC Analog
What function does an analog inpu...,
Analog signals can be converted i...,
What function does an analog sens...
11  cards
Controls and Switching Circuits
What is the purpose of a mechanic...,
What are the terminals for the ho...,
How are the holding contacts of a...
22  cards
Drawings & Basic Circuits
What is meant when the term norma...,
In what condition are automatic t...,
What type of diagram would show t...
19  cards
Special Control Circuits
What are the three basic types of...,
Explain a time delay on energizat...,
Explain a time delay on de energi...
8  cards
Direct Current Machines
What are the three basic parts of...,
What is reluctance,
What is flux density
39  cards
Which table is used to determine ...,
Which table is used to determine ...,
How do you calculate the minimum ...
11  cards
Cathodic Protection
What is corrosion,
Where does corrosion occur,
What are the four part of the cor...
18  cards
Welders and Filters
Resistors are divided into two gr...,
What are the two most important r...,
What are the three most important...
22  cards
Controlled Rectifiers
What are the three leads of an sc...,
What family of electronic devices...,
What configurations are scrs avai...
50  cards
Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
Most fires develop through four d...,
Of the four stages of a fire what...,
A basic fire alarm system must co...
34  cards
Fire Detection and Alarm System Regulations
Which authority administers the s...,
Who administers the standard for ...,
What is the standard for the inst...
19  cards
Wiring Process for Fire Alarm Systems
What signal will be reported at t...,
What signal and condition will oc...,
Which type of signaling circuit i...
11  cards
Fire Detection and Alarm Systems Labs
Which device may be used with an ...,
Manual pull stations must be rese...,
Wet pipe sprinkler systems incorp...
19  cards
What is an alternator,
How is the electrical energy crea...,
What is the rotor of an alternator
65  cards
UPS Systems
What is a critical load,
What are some examples of critica...,
What kind of supply can a critica...
30  cards
Synchronous Motors
What are the disadvantages of usi...,
What are the advantages of using ...,
What is synchronous speed
17  cards

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