second period electrician

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Principles of Automatic Heating and Cooling Controls
How can we think of the idea of heat,
Define temperature,
Cold is the _____ _____ of heat
42  cards
Temperature-Sensing and Control Devices
What is a bimetal strip element i...,
Which type of temperature sensing...,
What would be the best type of te...
17  cards
Basic Gas-Fired, Forced-Air Heating Systems
The safety gas valve provides for,
The electrical energy for operati...,
The solenoid valve is ___ acting ...
19  cards
Efficient Gas-Fired, Forced-Air Heating Systems
What is the efficiency of a high ...,
What is the efficiency of a mid e...,
What is the efficiency of a stand...
17  cards
Basic Hot Water Heating Systems
What is a device that transfers h...,
What is the maximum capacity of a...,
What is the purpose of a reverse ...
7  cards
Cooling Systems
List the five major elements or c...,
What is the purpose of the evapor...,
Which components are outside or i...
7  cards
HVAC Rooftop Units
What are the three main parts of ...,
Arerollback switches normally ope...,
What is the purpose of the igniti...
18  cards
Heat Trace
What are the three main reasons t...,
What are the four main types of e...,
What are the two main types of se...
12  cards
Electrical Control Drawings
What do block diagrams do,
Are there more than one type of e...,
What are the four types of electr...
13  cards
Relays and Contactors
What are the four categories of e...,
What are the two types of pins in...,
How many terminals would be assoc...
36  cards
Timers and Smart Relays
Name three basic types of timing ...,
Describe three methods of control...,
What does tdoe mean
15  cards
Protection Devices
Do general distribution circuits ...,
Do short circuits normally have l...,
Does a short circuit path have hi...
31  cards
Motor Starters
List the two basic parts of a mag...,
In what basic part of a starter a...,
Where does an overload device sen...
22  cards
Diagram Conversion
Which diagram would you typically...,
Which diagram would you typically...,
Which diagram would you typically...
4  cards
Single Motor Control/Pilot Devices and Symbols
How are holding contacts connecte...,
How is the stop button connected ...,
What is the purpose of the holdin...
23  cards
Reversing Motor Starters
How many contactors does a revers...,
How many power contacts are neede...,
The forward holding contacts for ...
14  cards
Second Period Math Applications
Convert 600v to kv,
Convert 0000053f to microfarads,
Convert 60ma to a
8  cards
Fundamentals of Alternating Current
The velocity of a conductor throu...,
A conductor moving parallel to li...,
When a graph is made of the value...
26  cards
Principles of ac Circuits
Resistance affects the current in...,
Inductance affects the current in...,
Capacitance affects the current i...
12  cards
Induction and Inductive Reactance
A simple inductor is made up of _...,
Name three types of equipment whe...,
What is the symbol for inductance
22  cards
Capacitance and Capacitive Reactance
What is the material between the ...,
What type of capacitors can be us...,
What can happen if a polarized el...
18  cards
Power Relationships
Power is defined as the ____ of d...,
What is the symbol for power,
Power is measured in ____ and the...
9  cards
Series ac Circuits
Does connecting resistors in seri...,
Does adding inductors in series c...,
Does increasing the inductance in...
8  cards
Series Resistive-Reactive Circuits
How can we determine the total op...,
Is the ratio of r to z in a serie...
2  cards
Series RLC Circuits
Who is the stroboscopic effect of...,
How may the starting torque of a ...,
Identify a possible hazard when c...
8  cards
Introduction to Parallel ac Circuits
Does adding resistors in parallel...,
Does adding inductors in parallel...,
True or false increasing the indu...
11  cards

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