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EM Pedia 1: Most Commons, part 1
Most important step in newborn re...,
Most likely reason for poor respo...,
Most readily available site for v...
20  cards
EM Pedia 2: Most Commons, part 2
Most common site of infection in ...,
Most common cause of stridor in n...,
Most common surgically correctibl...
20  cards
EM Pedia 3: Most Commons, part 3
Most common infectiou cause of op...,
Most common signs of retinoblastoma,
Most common cause of blindness in...
20  cards
EM Pedia 4: Most Commons, part 4
Most predictive signs and symptom...,
Most important factor in reducing...,
Most common cause of wheezing in ...
20  cards
EM Pedia 5, Most Commons, part 5
Most common pathogen in gastroent...,
Most common trigger of non ige me...,
Most frequently implicated antibi...
20  cards
EM Pedia 6: Most Commons, part 6
Most common cause of painless scr...,
Most common solid tumor among ado...,
Most reliable method to test type...
20  cards
EM Pedia 7, Most Commons part 7
Most common phalangeal fracture,
Most common cause of hip disabili...,
Most common mechanism for pelvic ...
20  cards
EM Pedia 8: Most Commons, part 8
Most common cause of tumor lysis ...,
Most immediate threat to life in tls,
Most common pediatric malignancie...
20  cards
EM Pedia 9: Most Commons, part 9
Most common iatrogenic complicati...,
Most common cause of dka in child...,
Most common condition mistaken fo...
20  cards
EM Pedia 10: Most Commons, part 10
Most common fungal infection in y...,
Most common form of aortic stenosis,
Most common cause of stridor in n...
17  cards
EM Pedia 11: Neonatal Resuscitation
Remarks on delayed cord clamping,
Most important in neonatal resusc...,
Initial steps in the first 30 sec...
31  cards
EM Pedia 12: Pearls
Remarks on hus,
Remarks on tracheal suctioning in...,
What are epstein pearls
18  cards

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