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Chapter 1: EMS Systems
An individual who has training in...,
Advanced lifesaving procedures in...,
Comprehensive legislation that is...
25  cards
Chapter 2: Workforce Safety and Wellness
Reaction to stress that occurs du...,
The spread of an organism in aero...,
Pathogenic microorganisms that ar...
30  cards
Chapter 3: Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues
Unilateral termination of care by...,
Written documentation that specif...,
The manner in which principles of...
57  cards
Chapter 4: Communications & Documentation
Any radio hardware containing a t...,
A low power portable radio that c...,
An assigned frequency or frequenc...
28  cards
Chapter 5: Medical Terminology
Motion of a limb away from the mi...,
Motion of a limb toward the midline,
The front surface of the body the...
28  cards
Chapter 6: Human Body
The body cavity that contains the...,
The depression on the lateral pel...,
A firm prominence of cartilage th...
212  cards
Chapter 7: Life Span Development
Persons who are 12 to 18 years of...,
A bond between an infant and his ...,
A disorder in which cholesterol a...
26  cards
Chapter 8: Lifting and Moving Patients
A device that is used to provide ...,
A branch of medicine concerned wi...,
A rigid stretcher commonly used i...
15  cards
Chapter 9: Patient Assessment
The secondary muscles of respirat...,
To listen to the sounds within an...,
A method of assessing the level o...
71  cards
Chapter 10: Airway Management
Metabolism that can proceed only ...,
Occasional gasping breaths that o...,
The upper airway tract of the pas...
76  cards
Chapter 11: Principles of Pharmacology
The process by which medications ...,
The therapeutic effect of a medic...,
An oral medication that binds and...
49  cards
Chapter 12: Shock
The force or resistance against w...,
Severe shock caused by an allergi...,
An unusual or exaggerated allergi...
26  cards
Chapter 13: BLS Resuscitation
The preferred method to dislodge ...,
Advanced lifesaving procedures so...,
Noninvasive emergency lifesaving ...
11  cards
Chapter 14: Medical Overview
Virus caused by human herpesvirus...,
Awareness that unseen life threat...,
Life threats that require ems att...
9  cards
Chapter 15: Respiratory Emergencies
The buildup of excess acid in the...,
Abnormal breath sounds such as wh...,
The buildup of excess base lack o...
51  cards
Chapter 16: Cardiovascular Emergencies
A term used to describe a group o...,
A heart attack death of heart mus...,
Transient short lived chest disco...
42  cards
Chapter 17: Neurologic Emergencies
A state of profound unconsciousne...,
An interruption of blood flow to ...,
An interruption of blood flow to ...
22  cards
Chapter 18: Gastrointestinal and Urologic Emergencies
A condition of sudden onset of pa...,
Inflammation of the appendix,
Inflammation of the gallbladder
17  cards
Chapter 19: Endocrine and Hematologic Emergencies
Regulates metabolism and maintain...,
Glands that secrete or release ch...,
A chemical substance produced by ...
27  cards
Chapter 20: Immunologic Emergencies
Substances that cause an allergic...,
The body s exaggerated immune res...,
An extreme life threatening syste...
15  cards
Chapter 21: Toxicology
A state of overwhelming obsession...,
A substance that is used to neutr...,
A severe withdrawal syndrome seen...
18  cards
Chapter 22: Psychiatric Emergencies
How a person functions or acts in...,
The point at which a person s rea...,
The basic activities a person usu...
11  cards
Chapter 23: Gynecologic Emergencies
An overgrowth of bacteria in the ...,
The lower third or neck of the ut...,
A sexually transmitted disease ca...
15  cards
Chapter 24: Trauma Overview
Air bubbles in the arterial blood...,
An impact on the body by objects ...,
A phenomenon in which speed cause...
22  cards
Chapter 25: Bleeding
The main artery that receives blo...,
The smallest branches of arteries...,
A blood vessel consisting of thre...
23  cards
Chapter 26: Soft-Tissue Injuries
Loss or damage of the superficial...,
An injury in which part of the bo...,
An injury in which soft tissue is...
33  cards
Chapter 27: Face and Neck Injuries
The presence of air in the veins ...,
Naturally occurring uneven pupil ...,
A fracture of the orbit or of the...
24  cards
Chapter 28: Head and Spine Injuries
Inability to remember events afte...,
Usually occur following diffuse i...,
Bruising behind an ear over the m...
28  cards
Chapter 29: Chest Injuries
Compression of the heart as the r...,
An injury to the chest in which t...,
A blunt chest injury caused by a ...
21  cards
Chapter 30: Abdomen and Genitourinary Injuries
An injury in which there is soft ...,
The displacement of organs outsid...,
The posterior region below the ma...
9  cards
Chapter 31: Orthopaedic Injuries
A simple joint where the bony pro...,
A pearly layer of specialized car...,
The heel bone
32  cards
Chapter 32: Environmental Emergencies
Air bubbles in the blood vessels,
The temperature of the surroundin...,
A serum that counteracts the effe...
25  cards
Chapter 33: Obstetrics and Neonatal Care
A premature separation of the pla...,
The fluid filled baglike membrane...,
A scoring system for assessing th...
32  cards
Chapter 34: Pediatric Emergencies
Children between 12 to 18 years o...,
An event that causes unresponsive...,
Turning white
24  cards
Chapter 35: Geriatric Emergencies
A condition in which the walls of...,
Written documentation that specif...,
An enlargement of a part of an ar...
27  cards
Chapter 36: Patients with Special Challenges
A term for a group of disorders c...,
A surgical procedure to establish...,
Insufficient development of the b...
10  cards
Chapter 37: Transport Operations
Fixed wing aircraft and helicopte...,
A specialized vehicle for treatin...,
Areas of the road that are blocke...
16  cards
Chapter 38: Vehicle Extrication and Special Rescue
Gaining entry to an enclosed area...,
The location of the incident comm...,
Complicated entry that requires s...
17  cards
Chapter 39: Incident Management
The shipping papers used for tran...,
Glass plastic or steel containers...,
An area set up by physicians nurs...
65  cards
Chapter 40: Terrorism Response and Disaster Management
The process by which the temporar...,
A type of energy that is emitted ...,
A disease caused by deadly bacter...
10  cards
Chapter 41: Team Approach to Healthcare
0  cards
Chapter 42: ALS Assist
An ecg that uses 4 leads attached...,
An ecg that uses 12 leads attache...,
A sealed hub on an administration...
46  cards
Medication Chart
Oxygen 1,
Oxygen 2,
Oral glucose 1
25  cards
Lecture Flashcards
Aeiou tips,
What vital signs might you see if...,
What are the signs and symptoms o...
35  cards

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