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EM Toxicology 1 (Pearls 1)
Moa of clonidine,
Distinguishing feature of seroton...,
Most clinically significant toxic...
14  cards
EM Toxicology 2 (MC 1)
Most common adverse reaction of s...,
Most common ecg abnormality in ma...,
Most common ecg abnormality in sn...
18  cards
EM Toxicology 3 (Antidotes)
Antidotes that are indicated befo...,
Cocktail in cases of altered ment...,
A core temperature of ____ is an ...
16  cards
EM Toxicology 4 (MC 2)
Most common agents associated wit...,
Most common symptom reported afte...,
Most common metabolic toxic effec...
21  cards
EM Toxicology 5 (Paracetamol)
Maximum total daily dose of oral ...,
Peak serum concentrations of para...,
Recommended dosing of iv paracetamol
25  cards
EM Toxicology 6: Cyanide
Cyanide in history,
Pathophy of cyanide poisoning,
Cyanide in food
19  cards
EM Toxicology 7 - MC 3
Most consistent cardiodynamic eff...,
Most common disturbances of hallu...,
One of the most significant fetal...
20  cards
EM Toxicology 8 - MC 4
Most common cause of death in acu...,
Most common source of thallium po...,
Most commonly associated conditio...
7  cards
EM Toxicology 9 - Antimicrobials
Obtain methemoglobin concentratio...,
Mdac is indicated in,
Hemodialysis or hemoperfusion is ...
28  cards
EM Toxicology 10 - Iron
Symptomatology of iron toxicity,
Toxic levels of iron,
Ferrous sulfate has how many elem...
22  cards
EM Toxicology 11 - Lead
Remarks on lead toxicity,
Delayed cognitive development can...,
Classic manifestation of motor we...
14  cards
EM Toxicology 12 - Mercury and other metals
Form of mercury that s more toxic...,
Pathophysiology of mercury poisoning,
Organ systems predominantly affec...
24  cards
EM Toxicology 13 - Arsenic
What are metalloids,
Remarks on arsenic,
Pathophysiology of arsenic poisoning
13  cards
EM Toxicology 14 - Caustic ingestions
Remarks on caustic ingesitons,
Acids and alkali tend to cause si...,
Describe grade 1 esophageal mucos...
21  cards
EM Toxicology 15: Ethanol
Remarks on alcohols,
Differentiate ethanol isopropanol...,
Most frequently used and abused d...
17  cards
EM Toxicology 16: Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
Alcohol withdrawal symptoms may b...,
The first step in successful trea...,
Alcohol withdrawal continuum
18  cards
EM Toxicology 17: Isopropanol
Remarks on isopropanol,
Hallmarks of isopropanol toxicity,
Principal metabolite of isopropanol
10  cards
EM Toxicology 18: Methanol & Ethylene Glycol
Most contemporary methanol exposu...,
Sources of ethylene glycol,
Remarks on ethylene glycol
35  cards
EM Toxicology 19: Pesticides - Organophosphates & Carbamates
Moa of organophosphates and carba...,
Examples of organophosphates,
In organophosphate poisoning symp...
23  cards

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