emergency care and transportation of the sick and injured

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Chapter 1 EMS Systems
Emergency medical service ems,
25  cards
Chapter 2 Workforce Safety And Wellness
Infectious disease a medical cond...,
Communicable disease a disease th...,
Infection the abnormal invasion o...
31  cards
Chapter 3 Medical, Legal, And Ethical Issues
Emergency medical care immediate ...,
Consent permission to render care,
Decision making capacity ability ...
56  cards
Chapter 4 Communications And Documentation
Communication the transmission of...,
Documentation the recorded portio...,
Ethnocentrism when a person consi...
29  cards
Chapter 5 Medical Terminology
Word root the main part of a term...,
Prefix part of a term that appear...,
Suffix the part of a term that co...
26  cards
Chapter 6 The Human Body
Topographic anatomy,
Anatomical position,
Coronal plane
214  cards
Chapter 7 Life Span Development
22  cards
Chapter 8 Lifting And Moving Patients
Wheeled ambulance stretcher,
Body mechanics
16  cards
Chapter 9 Patient Assessment
Scene size up
70  cards
Chapter 10 Airway Management
15  cards
Chapter 11 Principles Of Pharmacology
0  cards
Chapter 12 Shock
0  cards
Chapter 13 BLS Resuscitation
0  cards
Chapter 14 Medical Overview
0  cards
Chapter 15 Respiratory Emergencies
0  cards
Chapter 16 Cardiovascular Emergencies
0  cards
Chapter 17 Neurological Emergencies
0  cards
Chapter 18 Gastrointestinal And Urologic Emergencies
0  cards
Chapter 19 Endocrine And Hematalogic Emergencies
0  cards
Chapter 20 Immunologic Emergencies
0  cards
Chapter 21 Toxicology
0  cards
Chapter 22 Psychiatric Emergencies
0  cards
Chapter 23 Gynecologic Emergencies
0  cards
Chapter 24 Trauma Overview
0  cards
Chapter 25 Bleeding
0  cards
Chapter 26 Soft-Tissue Injuries
0  cards
Chapter 27 Face And Neck Injuries
0  cards
Chapter 28 Head And Spine Injuries
0  cards
Chapter 29 Chest Injuries
0  cards
Chapter 30 Abdominal And Genitourinary Injuries
0  cards
Chapter 31 Orthopaedic Injuries
0  cards
Chapter 32 Environmental Emergencies
0  cards
Chapter 33 Obstetics And Neonatal Care
0  cards
Chapter 34 Pediatric Emergencies
0  cards

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emergency care and transportation of the sick and injured

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