emergency care and transport of the sick and injured textbook

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Chapter 5. Medical Terminology
Word root,
32  cards
Chapter 8-lifting And Moving Patients
Wheeled ambulance stretcher ambul...,
Features and how to work the stre...,
36  cards
Chapter 9-patient Assessment
Name the components of a scene si...,
Name the components of the primar...,
Name the five steps in patient as...
89  cards
Chapter 1- Ems Systems
Emergency medical services ems,
Certification exam,
34  cards
Chapter 2-Workforce Safety And Wellness
What must you always focus on eve...,
Name 5 strategies to manage stress,
Name your bodies three sources of...
55  cards
Chapter 6-the Human Body
Topographic anatomy,
Anatomic position,
Are directional terms from your p...
197  cards
Chapter 5-common Root Words And Combining Forms
Abdomin o,
Acou o acoust o,
Aden o
28  cards
Chapter 26-soft Tissue Injuries
What is sebum
43  cards
Chapter 27-face And Neck Injuries
What is the pinna,
What s the tragus,
Mastoid process
28  cards
Chapter 28- Head And Spine Injuries
What are the two anatomic compone...,
What is the central nervous system,
What is the peripheral nervous sy...
54  cards
Chapter 29-chest Injuries
Signs and symptoms of chest injury,
What does the heart need to have ...,
What is cardiac output
20  cards
Chapter 30-abdominal And Genitourinary Injuries
What do you call the four abdomin...,
What s different about pediatric ...,
Hollow organ
36  cards
Chapter 31- Orthopaedic Injuries
33  cards
Chapter 3- medical, Legal, And Ethical Issues
Decision making capacity,
Patient autonomy
62  cards
Chapter 4- Communications And Documentation
Therapeutic communication
39  cards
Chapter 24-trauma Overview
Trauma emergencies,
Medical emergencies,
Index of suspicion
47  cards
Chapter 25-bleeding
What three parts does the cardiov...,
25  cards
Chapter 13- BLS Resuscitation
Basic life support bls,
What sequence is used if a patien...,
Cardiopulmonary restorations cpr
60  cards
Chapter 14-medical Emergencies
Trauma emergencies,
Medical emergencies,
Cardiovascular medical emergency
39  cards
Chapter 10- Airway Management
How long does it take for brain t...,
How are the airways divided
68  cards
Chapter 11- Pharmocology
42  cards
Chapter 15-respiratory Emergencies
What is the principal function of...,
56  cards
Chapter 16-cardiovascular Emergencies
How does the heart pump,
Autonomic nervous system
46  cards
Chapter 17- Neurologic Emergencies
What is a tension headache,
What is a migraine headache
45  cards
Chapter 39- Incident Management
Mass casualty incident mci,
Mutual aid response,
National incident management syst...
75  cards
Chapter 19- Endocrine Amd Hemotologic Injuries
Endocrine system,
Endocrine glands,
32  cards
Chapter 40-terrorism
Domestic terrorism,
International terrorism,
What points can define any type o...
56  cards
Chapter 37- transport operations
First responder vehicles,
Star of life
24  cards
Chapter 38- Vehicle Extrication And Special Rescue
What are ems providers roles in a...
23  cards
Chapter 33- Obstetrics And Neonatal Care
40  cards
Pediatric Care
0 2 month activities,
2 of 6 months activities
24  cards
Chapter 18 – Gastrointestinal And Urologic Emergencies
Acute abdomen,
4  cards
Chapter 35-geriactric Emergencies
Pulmonary embolism
49  cards
Chapter 36-patients With Special Challenges
Developmental disability,
Autism spectrum disorder,
Down syndrome
21  cards
Chapter 7- Life Span Development
What should the pulse and respira...,
What does the post and respirator...,
Adolescent adult pulse rate respi...
29  cards
Chapter 12- Shock
What represent the three parts of...,
Pulse pressure,
28  cards
Chapter 32-environmental Emergencies
What are four things that will af...,
Ambient temperature,
20  cards

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