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Chapter 14 - BLS Resuscitation
A 60 year old man is found to be ...,
Basic life support bls is defined...,
Between each chest compression yo...
24  cards
Chapter 6 - The Human Body
A by product of involuntary muscl...,
A patient has a blood pressure of...,
A patient has a large accumulatio...
42  cards
Chapter 7 - Life Span Development
Physical changes that typically o...,
The areas of the infant s skull t...,
The risk of bleeding in the skull...
38  cards
Chapter 11 - Airway Management
A 19 year old female is found unc...,
A man was found unresponsive in h...,
A patient who is suspected of bei...
46  cards
Chapter 13 - Shock
A 20 year old male has a large la...,
A 25 year old unrestrained female...,
As you approach a patient lying a...
40  cards
Chapter 10 - Patient Assessment
A 39 year old male sustained a st...,
A palpable pulse is created by se...,
An elderly patient has fallen and...
36  cards
Chapter 4 - Communications & Documentation
A 4 year old boy had an apparent ...,
As you are wheeling your patient ...,
Communicating with patients who a...
22  cards
Chapter 9 - A Team Approach to Health Care
A team of emts is caring for a cr...,
After spiking a bag of iv fluid f...,
Emts arrive at the scene of an il...
23  cards
Chapter 2 - Workplace Safety & Wellness
After assessing a patients blood ...,
At the scene of an automobile cra...,
Common factors that influence how...
32  cards
Chapter 8 - Lifting & Moving Patients
An emt may injure his or her back...,
As you and your partner are carry...,
In contrast to typical wheeled am...
33  cards
Chapter 15 - Medical Overview
Ten days after treating a 34 year...,
After sizing up the scene of a pa...,
An infectious disease is most acc...
39  cards
Chapter 12 - Principles of Pharmacology
A 31 year old female is experienc...,
A 62 year old male is seen with c...,
Activated charcoal is an example ...
36  cards
Chapter 16 - Respiratory Emergencies
Paste is an alternate assessment ...,
A 30 year old male presents with ...,
A 59 year old male with a history...
58  cards
Chapter 17 - Cardiovascular Emergencies
A 49 year old male presents with ...,
A 66 year old female with a histo...,
A dissecting aortic aneurysm occu...
44  cards
Chapter 18 - Neurologic Emergencies
A 30 year old male experienced a ...,
A patient who is possibly experie...,
A patient whose speech is slurred...
40  cards
Chapter 19 - [additional] GI and Urologic Emergencies
Which of the following is not a s...,
A 34 year old woman with a recent...,
Most patients with an acute abdom...
18  cards
Chapter 20 - [additional] Endocrine and Hematologic Emergencies
Type 1 diabetes is a condition in...,
A 45 year old man with type 1 dia...,
A diabetic patient presents with ...
22  cards
Chapter 21 - [additional] Allergy and Anaphylaxis
The signs and symptoms of an alle...,
The negative effects associated w...,
You are called to a local basebal...
19  cards
Chapter 22 - [additional] Toxicology
A 30 year old male who ingested a...,
When caring for a patient with a ...,
How much activated charcoal shoul...
12  cards
Chapter 23 - [additional] Behavioral Health Emergencies
A behavioral crisis is most accur...,
Depression and schizophrenia are ...,
When assessing a patient with a b...
20  cards
Chapter 33 - [additional] Environmental Emergencies
A person s ability to shiver is l...,
The two most efficient ways for t...,
A frostbitten foot can be identif...
20  cards
Chapter 24 - [additional] Gynecologic Emergencies
What is the narrowest portion of ...,
What is the outermost cavity of a...,
If fertilization has not occurred...
19  cards
Chapter 34 - [additional] Obstetrics and Neonatal Care
The first stage of labor ends whe...,
A 23 year old woman who is 24 wee...,
You are transporting a woman who ...
23  cards
[additional] MT 2 Review
In general oral glucose should be...,
You are assessing the arm drift c...,
Braxton hicks contractions are ch...
102  cards
Chapter 25 - [additional] Trauma Overview
Kinetic energy is a calculation o...,
A 20 year old man has major open ...,
Which of the following would most...
17  cards
Chapter 26 - [additional] Bleeding
Which of the following is not a c...,
Perfusion is most accurately defi...,
A man involved in a motorcycle cr...
21  cards
Chapter 27 - [additional] Soft-Tissue Injuries
A young male was struck in the fo...,
A compression injury that is seve...,
A 45 year old convenience store c...
21  cards
Chapter 28 - [additional] Face and Neck Injuries
The purpose of the eustachian tub...,
The presence of subcutaneous emph...,
A 21 year old male has a large la...
15  cards
Chapter 29 - [additional] Head and Spine Injuries
The brain a part of the central n...,
As you are assessing a 24 year ol...,
A patient who experiences an imme...
21  cards
Chapter 30 - [additional] Chest Injuries
Beck s triad,
Cushing s,
Signs and symptoms of a chest inj...
17  cards
Chapter 31 - [additional] Abdominal and Genitourinary Injuries
Peritonitis would most likely res...,
Which of the following statements...,
Even when seat belts are worn pro...
12  cards
Chapter 32 - [additional] Orthopaedic Injuries
Skeletal muscle is also referred ...,
You respond to a soccer game for ...,
A young male has a musculoskeleta...
14  cards
Chapter 37 - [additional] Patients With Special Challenges
Spina bifida is defined as select...,
The purpose of a ventricular peri...,
Which of the following statements...
6  cards
Chapter 38 - [additional] Transport Operations
The main objective of traffic con...,
If hydroplaning of the ambulance ...,
A disposable oxygen humidifier sh...
4  cards
Chapter 39 - [additional] Vehicle Extrication and Special Rescue
Situational awareness is most acc...,
The emt s role at the scene of a ...
2  cards
Chapter 40 - [additional] Incident Management
Which of your senses can be safel...,
Which of the following questions ...,
To accomplish the goal of primary...
7  cards
Chapter 41 - [additional] Terrorism Response and Disaster Management
As the first arriving emergency r...,
The process performed to artifici...
2  cards
Final Review
In contrast to ami a dissecting a...,
Shivering is a mechanism in which...,
The mesentery is select one athe ...
84  cards

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