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CH 5 and 6 Anatomy and Physiology
Blood pressure,
Brachial artery,
122  cards
CH 7 Pathophysiology
Aerobic metabolism
71  cards
CH 8 Life Span Development
Moro reflex,
Palmar reflex
35  cards
CH 9 Airway Management
Patent airway,
Glottic opening
52  cards
CH 10 Respiration and Artificial Ventilation
Alveolar ventilation,
68  cards
CH 11 Scene Size Up
Scene size up,
Danger zone,
Examples of danger zones
33  cards
CH 12 Primary Assessment
Primary assessment,
General impression
22  cards
CH 13 Vital SX and Monitoring Devices
Vital sx,
77  cards
CH 14 Principles of Assessment (May be combined with Assessment Cards)
Past medical history pmh,
Open ended questions,
Close ended questions
49  cards
CH 15 Secondary Assessment
Medical patient,
Trauma patient,
History of present illness or inj...
113  cards
NREMT Study Deck
Blood pressure,
Brachial artery,
1521  cards
Week 6 Test
In a healthy patient for air to b...,
Friends called 911 for a 37 year ...,
You and your partner are first on...
68  cards
CH 16 Reassessment
Reassessmentstep 1
44  cards
CH 17 Communications and Documentation
Base station,
Mobile radio,
135  cards
CH 18 General Pharmacology
H1 naloxone is 1 an antidote for ...,
H2 when a cardiac patient is give...,
H3 which of the following would b...
113  cards
CH 18 Pharmacology Medication Listings
Analgesics drugs prescribed for p...,
Antidysrhythmics drugs prescribed...,
Anticonvulsants drugs prescribed ...
12  cards
CH 19 Respiratory Emergencies
H1 a patient with a blockage of t...,
2 if a synonym is a word that mea...,
3 inhalation and inspiration are ...
120  cards
Which of these patients would be ...,
Which attribute of a person would...,
You have been asked to sit on you...
86  cards
CH 20 Cardiac Emergencies
H1 what describes the normal cont...,
2 the first organ perfused by oxy...,
3 which of the following cardiac ...
56  cards
CH 21 Resuscitation
H1 which type of cardiac arrest i...,
H2 which of the following patient...,
H3 a pit crew approach is involve...
53  cards
CH 22 Diabetic Emergencies and Altered Mental Status
H1 which patient has least likely...,
H2 which case of altered mental s...,
H3 which of the following is leas...
132  cards
CH 23 Allergic Reactions
H 1 a severe or life threatening ...,
H 2 which of the following would ...,
H 3 which of the following is a s...
89  cards
CH 24 Infectious Diseases and Sepsis
H 1 which is an example of a rout...,
H 2 the hepatitis b virus is very...,
H 3 what is septic shock a the bo...
68  cards
CH 25 Poisoning and Overdose Emergencies
H 1 absorbed poisons that are cor...,
H 2 which of the following best d...,
H 3 an antidote is a a substance ...
130  cards
CH 26 Abdominal Emergencies
H 1 the purpose of the spleen is ...,
H 2 which of the following organs...,
H 3 absorption of nutrients from ...
87  cards
CH 27 Behavioral and Psychiatric Emergencies and Suicide
H 1 which of the following is mos...,
H 2 which of the following is a c...,
H 3 when you are dealing with som...
93  cards
CH 28 Hematologic and Renal Emergencies
H 1 dead diseased or injured whit...,
H 2 specialized molecules called ...,
H 3 which of the following statem...
90  cards
CH 29 Bleeding and Shock
H 1 if blood is not circulated ad...,
H 2 how does the vascular system ...,
H 3 gas exchange of oxygen for ca...
95  cards
CH 30 Soft Tissue Trauma
H 1 lacerations are cuts that are...,
H 2 a puncture wound that is shal...,
H 3 which of the following is a f...
105  cards
CH 31 Chest and Abdominal Trauma
H 1 an open abdominal wound with ...,
H 2 when a patient who has a flai...,
H 3 a pneumothorax may occur when...
64  cards
CH 32 Musculoskeletal Trauma
H 1 in a greenstick fracture the ...,
H 2 a muscle injury resulting fro...,
H 3 when the end of a bone is inv...
78  cards
CH 33 Trauma to the Head, Neck and Spine
H 1 the process by which the brai...,
H 2 the purpose of spinal motion ...,
H 3 he 12 vertebrae in the upper ...
108  cards
CH 34 Multisystem Trauma
H 1 up to how many points are ass...,
H 2 the revised trauma score rate...,
H 3 which of the following is a t...
54  cards
CH 35 Environmental Emergencies
H 1 keys to effectively managing ...,
H 2 which of the following is an ...,
H 3 hypothermia is a generalized ...
129  cards
CH 36 Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies
H 1 the lowest portion of the ute...,
H 2 under normal circumstances th...,
H 3 during labor the cervix typic...
130  cards
CH 37 Emergencies for Patients with Special Challenges
H 1 which of the following define...,
H 2 which of the following defini...,
H 3 according to the centers for ...
64  cards
CH 38 EMS Operations
H 1 some states use the standard ...,
H 2 your agency requires an extre...,
H 3 which of the following pieces...
90  cards
CH 39 Hazardous Materials, Multiple Casualty Incident and Incident Management
H 1 which of the following is lea...,
H 2 a substance is least likely t...,
H 3 which of the following best d...
130  cards
CH 40 Highway Safety and Vehicle Extrication
H 1 yours is the first unit to ar...,
H 2 if it is safe to do so which ...,
H 3 the vehicle positioned as a b...
82  cards
CH 41 EMS Response to Terrorism
H 1 packaging or producing a mate...,
H 2 in addition to biological nuc...,
H 3 staying current on vaccinatio...
83  cards
Final Exam
1 when performing the primary ass...,
2 a bullet fired from a gun at cl...,
A patient has been involved in a ...
77  cards

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