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Physiology: ADH & Homeostasis
Why can adh and oxytocin pass thr...,
A patient comes to the ed after s...,
5 mechanisms for regulating plasm...
34  cards
Male Repro, Genetics & Endocrine - First Aid
What are three clinical manifesta...,
What is the most common ectopic t...,
What endocrine abnormality might ...
164  cards
Pathology-Endocrine Pathology
A 43 year old woman comes to see ...,
A 43 year old woman comes to see ...,
A 43 year old male presents with ...
130  cards
Histology-Pituitary & Pineal
Identify the structures indicated...,
What makes up the bulk of the par...,
Identify the structures indicated...
21  cards
How does the pituitary gland form,
How do the thyroid and parathyroi...,
Where do the parafollicular cells...
8  cards
Pharmacology-GH & PRL Disorders
Direct effects of gh,
Effects of igf 1,
What does ghrh do
23  cards
Physiology-Thyroid & Parathyroid
Who are the major players in main...,
What are modulators of bone remod...,
Where are the c cells parafollicu...
29  cards
Physiology-Calcium Regulation
What factors go into calcium regu...,
Hormones involved in control of p...,
Where is most of the majority of ...
20  cards
Physiology-Hyper & Hypothyroidism
Homeostatic loop of thyroid hormones,
Which thyroid hormone has a highe...,
Tests to directly assess thyroid ...
24  cards
Pharmacology-Thyroid & Parathyroid
Why is it important to test expec...,
Why is hyperthyroidism particular...,
Why are people with hypothyroidis...
39  cards
Pharmacology-Adrenal Steroids
What would someone look like who ...,
What would someone look like who ...,
What determines if pregnenolone w...
36  cards
Biochemistry-Steroid Synthesis
5 classes of steroid hormones,
Where are most steroid receptors ...,
How does cortisol turn genes on
37  cards
Physiology-ACTH & Glucocorticoids
Blood supply to the adrenal glands,
Embryonic origins of the layers o...,
Why is the fetal adrenal gland so...
30  cards
Physiology-Aldosterone & Catecholamines
5 mechanisms for regulating fluid...,
Regulation of aldosterone secretion,
What does aldosterone do at the d...
24  cards
Genetics-SIngle Gene Disorders
What are the different types of s...,
What pedigree characteristic is o...,
Who are the obligate heterozygote...
23  cards
Histology-Thyroid, Parathyroid, Adrenal
What are the structures indicated...,
What are the structures indicated...,
What are the structures indicated...
18  cards
Genetics-Atypical Inheritance Multifactorial Disorders
Changes in gene expression withou...,
Levels of dna folding,
Heterochromatin vs euchromatin
30  cards
Pathology-Endocrine Lecture
What is the function of the hormo...,
Hormones released by the posterio...,
Etiologies of panhypopituitarism
42  cards
Pathology Lab-Endocrine
A 50 year old male with an incide...,
This 62 year old woman complained...,
This 42 year old patient presente...
70  cards
Genetics-Population Studies
Risk that ii 4 is affected,
Risk that iii 1 is affected iii 2,
Risk that iii 3 is affected in th...
23  cards
Physiology-Endocrine Pancreas
Which hormones ensure that we don...,
Cells of the islet of langerhans ...,
How do the alpha and beta cells s...
62  cards
Physiology-Diabetic Ketoacidosis
What is responsible for the profo...,
What is responsible for the high ...,
What is responsible for extra and...
13  cards
Pharmacology-Diabetic Patient
Total daily requirement for daily...,
Typical regimens for insulin ther...,
When do you see physiologic insul...
16  cards
What is the sequence of insulin p...,
What factors stimulate the releas...,
What factors inhibit the release ...
25  cards
Genetics-Genetic Testing
6 types of genetic testing,
The ability to correctly identify...,
The ability to correctly identify...
17  cards
Genetics-Gene Identification
What are the two ways we can iden...,
What percent of the human genome ...,
What percent of the human genome ...
26  cards
Physiology-Male Reproductive System
Identify the different structures...,
Identify the different structures...,
What is the exocrine secretory pr...
37  cards
Pathology-Male Genitourinary System
Common causes of acute cystitis,
Common causes of chronic cystitis,
Common causes of subacute cystitis
49  cards
Pathology-Male Reproductive Path
A boy is born and as you are abou...,
A boy is born and as you are abou...,
A boy is born and as you are abou...
51  cards
Embryology-Male Sexual Differentiation
What are the different factors th...,
When does sexual differentiation ...,
What is the consequence of differ...
29  cards
Genetics-Midterm Review
Is 45 xy 13 15 t 13 15 balanced o...,
Can down syndrome run in the family,
Horizontal transmission pattern
36  cards
Major source of androgen in women,
Main steroid hormone produced by ...,
What happens as a result of the p...
32  cards
Histology-Male Reproductive System
Identify the structures indicated...,
Identify the structures indicated...,
Identify the structures indicated...
31  cards
Genetics-Cancer Genes
Mutation in sporadic retinoblasto...,
Causes of second hit mutations in...,
Why is p53 the guardian of the ge...
15  cards
Pathology Lab-Male GU System
A 25 year old sexually active wom...,
A 65 year old white male complain...,
A 68 year old aa male has a scree...
34  cards
Pharmacology-Prostate Rx
What drugs reduce the risk of dev...,
Pure anti androgen drug that targ...,
Initial therapy for metastatic pr...
12  cards

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