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Type 2 Diabetes
Glucose sources,
In fasting state glucagon levels ...,
38  cards
Molecular Basis of Type 2 Diabetes
T f insulin increases the volume ...,
_____ is the insulin regulated ra...,
Translocation hypothesis
15  cards
Type 1 Diabetes
When glucose stimulates insulin s...,
Insulin secretory vesicles,
Secretory granules contain insuli...
63  cards
Microvascular Complications
Mechanism for hyperglycemia induc...,
Molecular pathways implicated in ...,
Molecular pathways implicated in ...
42  cards
Macrovascular complications
T f diabetics are less likely to ...,
T f diabetics with cvd tend to ha...,
Most important risk factor for ma...
9  cards
Insulin Therapy
Precursor to insulin,
Insulin production
29  cards
Oral Medications in Diabetes
T f all glucose lowering agents a...,
T f all glucose lowering agents a...,
T f all glucose lowering agents c...
38  cards
T f hypoglycemia is a diagnosis,
Stored glycogen is depleted in th...,
In the first few hours of fasting...
79  cards
Feast or Famine
Alpha msh works through which rec...,
Deletion of the mc4r would result...
16  cards
Endocrine Histology
Specialized cells which secrete s...,
Common features of all endocrine ...,
T f endocrine tissues are ductless
47  cards
Pancreas and Islet Transplantation for Type 1 Diabetes
T f pancreas kidney transplant ha...,
Factors influencing graft and pt ...
2  cards
Pituitary Physiology
Pituitary sits in the _____,
55  cards
Pituitary Pathophysiology
Benign tumors of pituitary hypoth...,
Infiltrative disease of pituitary,
Infiltrative disease of hypothalamus
38  cards
Adrenal Physiology
3 layers of adrenal cortex,
Glomerulosa makes ___,
Fasciulata produces ____
68  cards
Adrenal Pathophysiology
Cushing s syndrome,
The most common cause of cushing s,
3 pathologic derangements of cush...
60  cards
Adrenal Histology
Causes of hypercortisolism,
_____ cancer is the most importan...,
Gross features of adrenal cortico...
46  cards
Adrenal Pharmacology
Causes of hyperaldosteronism,
Liddle s syndrome,
Tx for hyperaldosteronism
40  cards
Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
Hyponatremic hyperkalemic metabol...,
Tx for salt wasting crisis,
How does sugar reduce potassium
12  cards
Thyroid Physiology and Pathophysiology
2 cell types in thyroid and their...,
Thyroglossal duct cyst,
77  cards
Thyroid Pathology
Lesion architecture growth patter...,
T f thyroid lesions with calcific...,
Papillary formation
72  cards
Thyroid Pharmacology
T f iodide is the rate limiting s...,
T f more t4 than than t3 is produ...,
T f t4 and t3 are largely protein...
47  cards
Pediatric Endocrinology
T f menarche marks the beginning ...,
Early indicator of constitutional...,
28  cards
Endocrine and Aging
16  cards
Calcium and Parathyroid
When ca receptors on ptgland sens...,
Vitamin d hydroxylation,
Calcitriol vitamin d
30  cards
What are the symptoms of uncompli...,
Osteoporosis affects ____ of amer...
58  cards
Transgender Symposium
Someone who desires to align phys...,
Someone who has a self image or g...,
Someone who achieves sexual pleas...
25  cards

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