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What is mechanical engineering,
What is electrical engineering,
What is aerospace engineering
9  cards
Mechanical Engineering
What can a gear do,
What are the 4 types of pulleys,
What is hydraulics
4  cards
Electrical Engineering
How have power stations solved pr...,
How have home appliances solved p...,
How have integrate circuits solve...
3  cards
Aerospace Engineering
How have aircrafts solved problem...,
How has space vehicles solved pro...,
How has missiles solved problems ...
3  cards
Communication Engineering
What is the use of telephones,
What are the uses of a radio,
What is fibre optic
3  cards
Chemical Engineering
How does fossil fuels impact the ...,
What does pharmaceuticals bring t...,
How does genetic modification hel...
3  cards
Civil Engineering
What do bridges provide,
What does a road provide,
What are the benefits of a railway
3  cards
Automative Engineering
How have cars shaped the modern w...,
How have motorcycles solved problems,
How have trains contributed to th...
3  cards
Biomedical Engineering
How has prosthetics effected the ...,
How has medical devices affected ...,
How has radiotherapy affected the...
3  cards
Software Engineering
How has applications changed the ...,
How has applications changed the ...,
How has changed the modern world
3  cards
Health and safety
Name ppe equipment to protect you...,
Name ppe equipment to protect you...,
Name ppe equipment to protect you...
7  cards
Manual handling
Manual handling mhor operation re...,
What is the first provision regul...,
What is the second provision regu...
4  cards
What is riddor,
What should be recorded on an acc...,
Hazardous is
7  cards
SI units
12  cards
Metric and imperial
What are the system of measuremen...,
What are the system of measuremen...,
3  cards
Properties and characteristics of engineering materials
Heat combustion,
Oxidation state
14  cards

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