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1.1 Where and when do engineers design?
Where might engineers work,
What roles are played as the desi...,
What are two types of clients
21  cards
1.2 A basic vocabulary for engineering design
What is engineering design,
What is a design objective,
What is a design constraint
22  cards
1.3 Learning and doing engineering design
What causes engineering desing pr...,
What makes design problems open e...,
How is engineering design typical...
4  cards
1.4 Managing engineering design projects
Name an important element of doin...,
What is project management,
In what terms can all engineering...
6  cards
2.1 The design process as a process of questioning
With what questions does the engi...,
Into what categories are the init...,
What is the heart of models of th...
4  cards
2.2 Describing and prescribing a design process
Describe the design process in te...,
Map out the design process,
Describe conceptual design
14  cards
2.3 Informing a design process
 Informing a design process by thinking strategically  Informing a design process with formal design methods  Acquiring design knowledge to inform a design process  Informing a design process with analysis and testing  Getting feedback to inform a design process
5  cards
2.4 Getting started on managing the design process
What are the steps of managing th...,
What is meant by project definition,
Define project framework
21  cards
2.5 Case study and illustrative examples
Map out the microlaryngeal surgic...,
Explain illustrate the concepts b...,
Make a chart of the design constr...
4  cards
3.1 Clarifying the Initial Problem Statement
How do design projects begin,
Describe a problem statement,
What are some flaws of problem st...
6  cards
3.2 Framing Customer Requirements
What are two goals to keep in min...,
Describe the process for defining...,
What is necessary to fully unders...
9  cards
3.3 Revised Problem Statements
Public Statements Of The Design Project
5  cards
4.1 Clarifying A Client's Objectives
List some examples of objectives ...,
List some examples of objectives ...,
What process would make the refin...
12  cards
4.2 Measurement Issues In Ordering And Evaluating Objectives
What are crucial characteristics ...,
Why are the following characteris...,
Why are strong measurements desir...
5  cards
4.3 Rank Ordering Objectives With Pairwise Comparison Charts
What is a pairwise comparison cha...,
Pairwise comparison charts are ba...,
What is the benefit of a pairwise...
13  cards
4.4 Developing Metrics To Measure the Achievement Of Objectives
What makes a metric useful valid,
When might surrogate metrics be i...,
When are surrogate metrics most u...
9  cards
5.1 Identifying and setting the client’s limits
What is an important question to ...,
Define contraints,
Why are constraints important to ...
4  cards
5.2 Displaying and using constraints
What are two ways in which constr...,
Note an example of constraints di...,
Note an example of constraints di...
3  cards
5.3 Constraints for the Danbury arm support
Note an example of two separate l...
1  cards
6.1 Establishing Functions
What two things do a bookcase do ...,
What is essential to understand f...,
Define and explain functions
8  cards
6.2 Functional Analysis: Tools For Establishing Functions
What is design intended to do,
How do we apply design to transfo...,
What are some tools that can be u...
20  cards
6.3 Design specifications: Specifying functions, features and behavior
What do prescriptive specificatio...,
What are the prescriptive values ...,
What do procedural specifications...
35  cards
7.1 Generating The “Design Space:” A Space Of Engineering Designs
How do we begin to create actual ...,
What is a design space,
Why are design spaces useful
20  cards
7.2 Navigating, Expanding, And Contracting Design Spaces
Why are large design spaces complex,
Explain a small or bounded design...,
How might a design space be expan...
12  cards
8.1 Applying Metrics To Objectives: Selecting The Preferred Design
What is the next step after you h...,
Generate a numerical evaluation m...,
Generate a priority benchmark cha...
9  cards
15.1 Forming design teams
Why is design increasingly done i...,
What are the stages of group form...,
Describe the forming stage of gro...
9  cards
15.2 Constructive conflict: Enjoying a good fight
What is an inevitable by product ...,
What is the essential element und...,
What can we do given that conflic...
6  cards
15.3 Leading design teams
What are some behaviors and chara...,
What are some behaviors and chara,
What is one ap
3  cards
What is an average or mean and ho...,
What is a median,
Of mean median and mode which is ...
13  cards
9.1 Engineering sketches and drawings speak to many audiences
During what process is a lot of i...,
What are some different types of ...,
Describe the range and breadth of...
21  cards
9.2 Sketching
What is a powerful tool in design,
Why is sketching considered a pow...,
What are orthographic sketches
18  cards
9.3 Fabrication specifications: The several forms of engineering drawings
What are layout,
What do detail drawings show,
What do assembly drawings show
15  cards
9.4 Fabrication specifications: The devil is in the details
What is the endpoint of a success...,
What do fabrication specification...,
What information must designers i...
7  cards
10.1 Prototypes, Models and Proofs Of Concept
What are prototypes,
In what operating environments ar...,
Name an example of artifacts that...
21  cards
10.2 Building Models and Prototypes
What is an important consideratio...,
What are two basic choices when w...,
What are three major factors that...
15  cards
11.1 General guidelines for technical communication
What are the,
In addition to understanding what...,
What must a design team consider ...
21  cards
11.2 Oral presentations: Telling a crowd what’s been done
To whom should a team tailor its ...,
What are important qualities of d...,
What are some important features ...
36  cards
11.3 The project report: Writing for the client, not for history
What is the purpose of a final pr...,
What do the clients interests dem...,
How should results be summarized
22  cards
12.4 Design Modeling Of A Ladder Rung
What are some considerations for ...,
What are some questions to consid...,
Why do we need a model for the la...
15  cards
13.1 Cost estimation: How much does this particular design cost?
How are costs often categorized,
What are included in labor costs,
What are indirect labor costs
15  cards
13.2 The time value of money
What is the main principle of tim...,
What are the advantages of having...,
What does the time value of money...
10  cards
13.3 Closing considerations on engineering and economics
With what in engineering economic...,
What are the engineering decision...,
Of what is engineering economics ...
3  cards
14.1 Design for production: Can this design be made?
What is a term for the desirable ...,
Seeking to realize particular des...,
For what x might an engineer design
14  cards
14.2 Design for use: How long will this design work?
What is reliability,
What is a variate what are some e...,
Only under what assumption can we...
29  cards
14.3 Designing for sustainability: What about the environment?
What is one reason that some peop...,
How has the engineering professio...,
What does the american society of...
11  cards
16.1 Getting started: Establishing the managerial needs of a project
What are the primary three tasks ...,
What are the three ss that compri...,
Describe scope in terms of projec...
8  cards
16.2 Tools for managing a project’s scope
What are some examples of additio...,
What are two tools for managing a...,
What is a team charter
16  cards
16.3 The team calendar: A tool for managing a project’s schedule
What is a team calendar,
What are some examples of deadlin...,
What are two scheduling tools fre...
5  cards
16.4 The budget: A tool for managing a project’s spending
What is a budget in engineering d...,
With what process does the estima...,
How much do engineering firms cha...
7  cards
16.5 Monitoring and controlling projects: Measuring a project’s progress
What are some ordinary techniques...,
What is a project monitoring tool...,
What is the percent complete matrix
7  cards
16.6 Managing the end of a project
Do projects end with delivery of ...,
What is project postaudit,
What are four elements in a basic...
3  cards
17.1 Ethics: Understanding obligations
What is ethics,
What is meant by a moral,
18  cards
17.2 Codes of ethics: What are our professional obligations?
Imagine you are a mining engineer...,
Explain how the chain of question...,
Do most professional engineering ...
9  cards
17.3 Obligations may start with the client...
What do we owe our clients as eng...,
When should engineers or designer...,
How do engineers and designers ap...
32  cards
...but what about the public and the profession?
0  cards
17.5 On engineering practice and the welfare of the public
0  cards
17.6 Ethics: Always a part of engineering practice
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