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Duchess of Malfi context
Webster cruelly mocked by contemp...,
Webster championing personal merit,
Webster source material
28  cards
Paradise Lost context
Miltons blindness,
Miltons humanism,
Miltons early poem at college
41  cards
Bloody Chamber text quotations
Title story the girls excitement ...,
Title story train sex reference,
Title story description of mother
80  cards
Dracula text quotations
0  cards
Gothic critics
Lucy becomes a voluptuous,
Argues that stoker is a feminist ...,
The fight to destroy dracula and ...
58  cards
Pl and Malfi blitz
Antonio royal palace,
Antonio some cursed example poiso...,
Bosola blackbirds fatten best
183  cards
Measure for Measure blitz
Duke the dribbling,
Duke give me,
Duke you will demand
112  cards
Measure for Measure context
James i similarity,
James and the kings men
43  cards
Pl and Malfi blitz COPY
Antonio royal palace,
Antonio some cursed example poiso...,
Bosola like plum trees that grow
158  cards
Measure for Measure blitz COPY
Duke the dribbling,
Duke give me,
Duke you will demand
85  cards
I lay awake in a tender,
Great pistons,
Scarlet palpitating
62  cards
Leaving the west,
The count meant to scatter
79  cards
Gothic critics COPY
House of degradation,
Argues that stoker is a feminist ...,
Duplicity is an essential part
58  cards
78  cards
I had been infinitely dishevelled,
Into marriage,
Gathered in the church
62  cards

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