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Macbeth Quotes
Fair is foul and foul is,
When the battle is lost,
Stars hide your fires
18  cards
What is analepsis,
What us dialogue,
What is prolepsis
34  cards
A Christmas Carol
Bah humbug,
Eyes red thin lips blue
10  cards
Hawk Roosting
What award was hughes given,
C what was hughes common theme,
C what s isn t the poems miscommu...
17  cards
C what is the poem a warning off,
C what is more powerful then humans,
C what type of poet was shelley
14  cards
C where did blake live,
C what was the poem from,
T london
18  cards
To Autumn
C when was it written,
C what was the poem inspired by,
C what type of poet was keats
20  cards
Mrs Birling
Men with important work to do,
I think she only had,
I didn t like
7  cards
Mr Birling
Crofts and birlings,
Hard headed,
I can t except
8  cards
Eva Smith
She was a lively,
She had to,
Cry for
4  cards
The Inspector
At once and impression of,
You think young women ought to be,
As if she was an
5  cards
The Soldier
C when was it written,
C what did brooke never experience,
C the poem was written before wha...
18  cards
Dolce Et Decorum Est
C when was it written,
C what did owen serve in,
C what point of the war was it wr...
19  cards
Sonnet 43
C who was it written for,
C when was it written,
C how is browning a rebel
16  cards
She Walks In Beauty
C what was byron,
C what type of poem was byron,
C when was it written
18  cards
Death Of A Naturalist
C what they have a love of,
C what do they typically use,
C where did he grow up
16  cards
C what did he love,
C where did he grow up,
C what type of poet was he
20  cards
How does banquo change,
Quote he warns macbeth,
What does trifles suggest
9  cards
Macbeth Ambition
What is macbeths ambition known as,
What does banquo not act on,
What is shakespeares message on a...
15  cards
Macbeth Violance
What are the two types of violence,
Thunder and lightening,
U seamed him from the nave to the...
11  cards
How does macbeths change,
Look how are partners rapt,
Vaulting ambition
14  cards
Cwhat is the view point,
C when was it written,
C what does she typically reject
16  cards
C when was it written,
C what does it celebrate,
C what did larkin never do
19  cards
As Imperceptibly As Greif
C what does recluse mean,
C who did at a young age,
C what structure does she typical...
19  cards
C what is it written about,
C what does the husband have,
C when was it written
13  cards
Eric Berling
Half shy half assertive,
He could have kept her on instead...,
Eric seems to be in a silly excit...
9  cards
Shelia Birling
Pretty girl in her early twenties
1  cards

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