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Unit 1: Present continuous (I am Doing)
Correct the sentences please dont...,
Where is mark,
Lets go out now it dosent rain
12  cards
1.1 The sentences on the right follow those on the left.
1 please dont make so much noise,
2 i need to eat something soon,
3 i dont have anywhere to live ri...
8  cards
1.2 Complete the conversations
I saw brian a few days agooh did ...,
Hes at university_,
Psychology_ it he enjoy
7  cards
1.3 put the verb into the correct form, positive (I'm doing etc) or negative (I'm not doing etc.)
Please dont make so much noise _ ...,
Lets go out now _ it rain any more,
You can turn off the radio _ i li...
10  cards
1.4 Complete the sentences using the following verbs
Complete the sentences using the ...,
Complete the sentences using the ...,
Complete the sentences using the ...
5  cards
Unit 4: Present continuous and present simple 2
Question when do we do not use th...,
Question with wich verb do we use...,
Quesiton which proverb do we use ...
5  cards
Irregular verbs: Past simple
112  cards
Irregular verbs: Past participle
118  cards
The following verbs can be regular or irregular
8  cards
Unit 7: Present perfect 1 (I have done)
How do we construct the present p...,
How does the past participle ofte...,
But what tempt the irregular verb...
10  cards
Unit 6: Past continuous
What does were playing mean,
How do we construct the past cont...,
In which situation do we use ofte...
5  cards
Unit 9: Present perfect continuous
Conjugate the verb doing in the p...,
When do we use the present perfec...,
When do we use present perfect ac...
3  cards
Unit 10: Present perfect continuous and simple
What is the different between the...,
Or what do we use the present per...,
For what do we use the present pe...
4  cards
Unit 12: For and since // When ...? and How long...?
For what do we use for,
For what do we use since start of...,
Is it possible to leave out for y...
6  cards
Units 13: Present perfect and past 1 ( I have done and I did)
What is the present perfect and w...,
What is the past simple and what ...,
When can we use the present perfect
7  cards
Present perfect and past 2 ( I have done and I did)
Should we use the present perfect...,
What time should we use when we a...,
We use the _ for a period of time...
4  cards
Unit 15: Past perfect
A what is the formula of the past...,
A sometimes we talk about somethi...,
Conjugate the past simple of to go
4  cards
Past tenses revision PDF
How do we make the past tense of ...,
Conjugate the verb to be in the p...,
When do we use the short forms of...
7  cards
Past tenses revision PDF
How do we construct the negative ...,
How do we construct the yes no qu...,
How do we construct questions in ...
5  cards
47 present continous revision
How do we form the past continuous,
When do we use was or were in the...,
How do we form the negative form ...
5  cards
48 Past simple or past continuous
When do we use the past simple,
When do we use the the past conti...,
Can we use when and while for the...
3  cards
synonyms videogames
10  cards
synonyms videogames pt2
10  cards
Unit 26 - Can, could and (be) able to
When do we use can,
How do we use can in a grammatica...,
What is the negative form if can
13  cards
Unit 28 - Must and can’t
For what can we use must,
When and for what do we use can t,
How do we use must and can t in t...
4  cards
Unit 29 - May and might
When for what do we use may or might,
What is the negative forms of may...,
What is similar to may might
6  cards
Unit 30 - May and might 2
When for what do we use may and m...,
What are the negative forms of ma...,
What is the difference between wi...
7  cards
Unit 31 - Have to and must
What does i have to do something ...,
In which kind of sentences do we ...,
What is similar to must
11  cards
Unit 32 - Must, mustn’t, needn’t
What does you must do something mean,
What does you mustn t do somethin...,
What does needn t don t need to mean
7  cards
Unit 33 - Should
What does you should do sth means,
For what can we use should,
With which 3 forms do wou tempt t...
9  cards
Unit 34 - Should (2)
After what 5 common words can we ...,
When can we leave out should,
After suggest you can not use _
5  cards
unit 36 - would
When do we use would,
What are the positive the negativ...,
When do we use would have done
5  cards
Unit 19 - Present tenses for the future
What does i m doing something tom...,
With what can we replace i m doin...,
What should we not use when we ta...
5  cards
Unit 20 - The 'going to' future
What does i m going to do sth means,
I am doing and i am going to do w...,
What do we use is going to happen
4  cards
Unit 21- Will / shall
When do we use i ll i will,
Should we use will to talk about ...,
Can we use the present simple in ...
8  cards
Unit 22 will / Shall 2
When do we not use will,
When can we use will won t for th...,
With which words do we often use ...
8  cards
Unit 23 - Will and ‘going to’
Study this difference between wil...,
Study this difference between wil...,
When do we use both will and goin...
4  cards
Vocabulary: Should parents friend their children
Tricky waters,
9  cards
Vocaublary pt2
A person you trust and share your...,
A difficult situation to deal wit...,
Not completely trusting not compl...
9  cards
Unit 53 Verb + -ing or to ...
After what 3 mainverb do we use ing,
After which 10 verbs do we always...,
What does spaff means
4  cards
Unit 54 - Verb + to … (decide to... /forget to... etc.)
After which verbs can we use to i...,
What is the negative of thise for...,
After witch verbs to is not possible
8  cards
Unit 55 - Verb (+ object) + to…
How do we use want that,
After advise and allow two struct...,
Which two verbs have the structur...
6  cards
Unit 57 - Verb + -ing or to ...
What does try to do mean,
What does happen when try is foll...,
What does i need to do something ...
5  cards
Unit 58 - Verb + -ing or to …
Like love hatewhat can we do when...,
Like love hatewhen you talk about...,
Difference between i like to do a...
8  cards
Unit 61 - Be / get used to something
A for what do we use prefer to an...,
A study the differences in struct...,
B would prefer i d prefer when do...
8  cards
Unit 67 See somebody do and see somebody doing
What does i saw him do something ...,
What does i saw him doing somethi...,
Can we use sometimes either form
3  cards

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