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english - language change

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Causes Of Language Change
Change due to ease of articulatio...,
How does language change take place,
What does change due to ease of a...
14  cards
Lexical Change (how words enter our language)
Neologisms coinage,
Example of a neologisms coinage,
33  cards
Semantic Shifts
What are semantic shifts,
Example of an amelioration
22  cards
Political Correctness
What did miller casey and swift d...,
What did mills discover,
What are the two main concepts in...
10  cards
Generic Forms and Cognition (PC)
What is the generic term and pron...,
What does the generic term do,
When the generic term is used wha...
23  cards
Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis (PC)
What is the hypothesis linked to,
What is said about people who spe...,
Who did whorf study
18  cards
Dominant and Muted Group Theory (PC)
Where and when did the muted grou...,
What was one thing that ardener c...,
Who is the main theorist behind t...
19  cards
Euphemism Treadmill (PC)
Who came up with the euphemism tr...,
What is the general concept of th...,
Example of a euphemism treadmill
4  cards
Attitudes of Language Change
What are the two main attitudes t...,
What is a descriptivist s view,
What is a prescriptivist s view
19  cards
Features of Early Modern English
When was the early modern english...,
Who s writing is most famous for ...,
What was different about their se...
27  cards
Theorist's Attitudes of Language
What are milroy s views d
27  cards
Main Theories of Language Change
What are the 5 main theories,
What do gaps refer to in lexical ...,
Example of a phonological lexical...
29  cards
Phonological Change
What is the biggest example of ph...,
When did the great vowel shift ta...,
What was the main feature of the ...
18  cards
Grammatical Change
When did most grammatical changes...,
When did more recent attempts to ...,
What has been one of the most sig...
24  cards
What did william caxton do,
When did caxton establish the pri...,
What did the printing press do to...
16  cards

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english - language change

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