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Environment and identity
What is the main line of argument...,
What are the individual points i ...,
What are the quotes for point 1
5  cards
Describe the scientific influence...
1  cards
What do i want to say in the intr...,
What can i say in relation to the...,
The motif of insanity as a way th...
6  cards
the role of gender in the misuse of science
What are the main topic sentences...,
What are the quotes points for to...,
What are the quotes main points f...
5  cards
Complex and Ambiguous attitudes towards women
What are the 3 topic sentences fo...,
What are the quotations for topic 1,
What are the quotations for topic 2
4  cards
What is the comparison for point 1,
What is the comparison for point 2,
What is the comparison for point 3
4  cards
The impacts of science on social order.
What are the points for the intro...,
What is the distinction i want to...,
What is the topic sentence and co...
6  cards
The symbiotic relationship of life and death
What are the points i want to mak...,
The cause and effect relationship...,
The blurred boundaries of life an...
5  cards
What are the main points for the ...,
What is the comparison for perver...,
What are the points for 2 the mot...
5  cards
Role of gender in the misuse of science, revisited 2017
What is the overview of the essay,
Topic 1 misuse of science at the ...,
Topic 2 despite the commanders vi...
4  cards
complex and ambiguous attitudes towards women 2
What is the outline for the intro...,
What is topic sentence 1
2  cards

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