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We came from our own country,
As the miles rushed back to the c...,
I stared at the eyes of a blind t...
12  cards
The Way My Mother Speaks
I say her phrases to myself in my...,
Restful shaped moving,
The day and ever the day and ever
7  cards
In Mrs Tilscher’s Class
You could travel up the blue nile...,
Tan ethiopia khartoum aswan,
A skittle of milk
15  cards
Not a red rose or a satin heart,
I give you an onion it is a moon ...,
It will blind you with tears like...
9  cards
War photographer
In his dark room he is finally alone,
With spools of suffering set out ...,
As though this were a church and ...
12  cards
Effects Of The ‘disease’ on Neil’s Self Image
It was still there crawling all o...,
Skin scumming and flaking off the...,
Neil was in agonies with his itch
4  cards
Effects Of The ‘disease’ On His Friendship
Useless bloody mama s boy,
Put on a shirt buttoning it up to...,
Neil s fist bunched in the sand
4  cards
His Mother’s Influence
A little too ornate for my taste ...,
Now you ll be at school with the ...,
The fact is said neil i ve got my...
5  cards
The Advice Given
Let the sun at it i m sure it can...,
Watch that you don t suffer from ...,
It is bad enough having it withou...
3  cards
Positive Effects Of The Advice
At tea michael spoke to him as if...,
In bed that night it was neil s s...,
They both laughed quiet sneezing ...
3  cards
The Symbolism Of The Waves
Shivered eventually he sat down t...
1  cards
Mrs Midas
I d just poured a glass of wine b...,
Relaxed its steamy breath gently ...,
So now and then
15  cards

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