english poetry anthology and macbeth terms

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Poetry Anthology Authors
Who wrote the manhunt,
Who wrote sonnet 43,
Who wrote london
18  cards
Macbeth Tragic Terms
Tragic hero,
8  cards
Good Descriptive Words
12  cards
A Wife in London
Give 10 pieces of context for thi...,
She sits __ ___ _____ _____,
Behind those _____ ____ __ ____
18  cards
Give 5 pieces of context about th...,
What themes are explored in the poem,
What are 2 pieces of context abou...
17  cards
Cozy Apologia
What are 2 pieces of context abou...,
What is a piece of context about ...,
I _____ pick __________ ___ _____...
17  cards
Mametz Wood
Give 4 pieces of context about th...,
For years __________ ___ _______ ...,
The ______ young turning __ _____...
16  cards
To Autumn
Give 5 pieces of context about th...,
Season __ _____ ___ _____ _______...,
______ _____ ______ __ ___ ______...
21  cards
Give 6 pieces of context about th...,
I wander ____ _____ ________ ______,
______ thames
18  cards
Hawk Roosting
Give 5 pieces of context about th...,
What form in this poem,
Give 2 points of structure in thi...
23  cards
She Walks in Beauty
What form is this poem in,
Give 2 points about structure in ...,
Give 5 pieces of context about th...
19  cards
Death of a Naturalist
What is heaney described as,
Where was heaney born,
What was heaney surrounded by a l...
10  cards
Sonnet 43
0  cards
The Soldier
0  cards
Living Space
0  cards
As Imperceptibly as Grief
1  cards
0  cards
0  cards
Dulce et Decorum Est
0  cards
Excerpt from the Prelude
0  cards

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english poetry anthology and macbeth terms

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