english power and conflict poetry

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A quote showing the size of the s...,
Showing how it is no longer impor...,
Showing how he was a bad ruler
16  cards
Showing how the rich controll eve...,
Showing everyone is brainless in ...,
Showing how the people are trappe...
20  cards
Extract From, The Prelude
Start of the poem,
Oxymoron showing hints of guilt,
Describing the mountian
19  cards
My Last Duchess
Starts the poem with a negative c...,
Telling us about her death,
Trying to impress his guest by us...
25  cards
The Charge Of The Light Brigade
Describing the valley,
Showing the role of a soldier,
Showing death
23  cards
Who wrote the poem,
Poems to compare,
Feelings and attitudes
30  cards
Storm On The Island
0  cards
Bayonet Charge
What is the poets name,
What happened to sylvia platt,
Describe the poet
21  cards
Start of the poem showing how thi...,
Showing a sense of doubt,
Metaphor showing violent imagry
20  cards
Sir quote types of material folds,
Positive simile showing the sons ...,
A metaphor of her letting her son go
18  cards
War Photographer
Who wrote the poem,
Describe the poet,
Form and structure
16  cards
0  cards
The Emigrée
How do you spell the title,
Describe the poet,
What is an emigree
15  cards
Checking Out Me History
Who wrote the poem,
Where was the poet born,
Describe the poet
19  cards
How do you spell the title,
Who wrote the poem,
Form and strucuture
21  cards
Sir's Quotes (Ozymandias, London, Prelude, Last Dutchess)
Showing how the statue is no long...,
Showing how it hasn t stood up ag...,
Showing how tye ruler was mean
20  cards
Sir's Quotes (Light Brigade, Exposure, Storm on the Island)
Place of suffering,
Follow orders,
Sinister forshadows death
15  cards
Sir's Quotes (Bayonet Charge, Remains, Poppies)
Showing the sounds of the shots i...,
Shwoing the realism of war or how...,
Showing how he is proud to fight ...
15  cards

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english power and conflict poetry

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