english verbs / present tense

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Group 1: Letter A
Abandon baend n reg,
Absorb b z rb reg,
Accept aek s pt reg
27  cards
Group 2: Letter A-B
Appear p r reg,
Apply pla reg,
Appoint p nt reg
27  cards
Group 3: Letter B-C
Become b k m irr,
Begin b g n irr,
Believe b liv reg
27  cards
Group 4: Letter C
Charge r reg,
Check k reg,
Choose uz irr
27  cards
Group 5: Letter C-D
Connect k n kt reg,
Consider k n s d r reg,
Consist k n s st reg
27  cards
Group 6: Letter D
Deliver d l v r reg,
Demand d maend reg,
Demonstrate d m n stre t reg
27  cards
Group 7: Letter D-E
Dream drim reg irr,
Dress dr s reg,
Drink dr ngk irr
27  cards
Group 8: Letter E-F
Experience k sp ri ns reg,
Explain k sple n reg,
Expose k spo z reg
27  cards
Group 9: Letter F-H
Force f rs reg,
Forget f r g t reg,
Forgive f r g v irr
27  cards
Group 10: Letter H-J
Hire ha r reg,
Hit h t irr,
Hold ho ld irr
27  cards
Group 11: Letter J-L
Jump mp reg,
Justify st fa reg,
Keep kip irr
27  cards
Group 12: Letter L-O
Locate lo ke t reg,
Lock l k reg,
Look l k reg
27  cards
Group 13: Letter O-P
Open o p n reg,
Operate p re t reg,
Oppose po z reg
27  cards
Group 14: P-R
Precede pr sid reg,
Prefer pr f r reg,
Prepare pri p r reg
27  cards
Group 15: Letter R
Range re n reg,
Reach ri reg,
Read rid irr
27  cards
Group 16: Letter R-S
Represent r pr z nt reg,
Require ri kwa r reg,
Respond r sp nd reg
27  cards
Group 17: Letter S
Send s nd irr,
Separate s pr t reg,
Serve s rv reg
27  cards
Group 18: Letter S
Speak spik irr,
Speed spid irr,
Spend sp nd irr
27  cards
Group 19: Letter S-T
Study st di reg,
Submit s b m t reg,
Succeed s k sid reg
27  cards
Group 20: Letter T- Y
Threaten r t n reg,
Throw ro irr,
Thrust r st irr
41  cards

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english verbs / present tense

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