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Overview-rhinology, allergy, immunology
What cells contribute to the form...,
Before closure during embryogenes...,
What embryologic structures form ...
136  cards
Rhinology Disorders of the nasal valve and septum
What are the two general forms of...,
While examining a patient you use...,
How does the modified cottle mane...
49  cards
A patient with irritation and inf...,
What are the main forms of rhinitis,
Allergic rhinitis reflects what t...
32  cards
Acute and Chronic Rhinosinusitis
In the past decade the term rhino...,
According to the european positio...,
Describe the five major classific...
80  cards
Fungal disease
Describe the cause of allergic fu...,
Describe the criteria presented b...,
What are the characteristics of e...
36  cards
Rhinology Fungal Disease
Describe the cause of allergic fu...,
Describe the criteria presented b...,
What are the characteristics of e...
42  cards
Rhinology Tumors and Skull Base Disease
What type of papilloma arises wit...,
What three types of papillomas ar...,
Where do everted papillomas of th...
79  cards
Rhinology Systemic Disease
What are the three primary granul...,
What is the classic clinical tria...,
Describe the otolaryngologic mani...
46  cards
Rhinology Allergy General
What hypothesis postulates that t...,
What are the two phases of an all...,
What is the clinical term used to...
47  cards
Rhinology Allergy Diagnostic Testing
Although it is no longer regularl...,
Allergy testing to specific aller...,
What immunoglobulin is being test...
45  cards
Rhinology Allergy Management
What are the three main strategie...,
What drug class works on h1 recep...,
Why do first generation antihista...
33  cards
Rhinology Immunology
What are the two major types of i...,
What are the three major componen...,
In what type of immunity do toll ...
86  cards

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ent rhinology, allergy, and immunology

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