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How Humans Influence Biodiversity
What is direct exploitation,
Why is exploiting a habitat not a...,
List the main things humans explo...
23  cards
Impact Of Unsustainable Exploitation
What is precipitation,
Examples of precipitation,
What is evaporation
15  cards
Human Activities Change Processes In The Hydrological Cycle
What of all water falls as precip...,
Is water a renewable resource,
What happens if humans release wa...
23  cards
Increasing Sustainability By Treating Contaminated Water
Why might water need to be treated,
What is the first step of water t...,
What is the second step in water ...
20  cards
Increasing Sustainability By Economical Use And The Exploitation Of New Sources
How does a water meter work,
How can more efficient appliances...,
What is rainwater catchment
15  cards
Minerals Extracted From The Lithosphere
What is the litosphere,
What can be found in the litosphere,
What does non renewable
42  cards
Factors Affecting Mine Viability
What is the purity of an ore,
What makes a ore high grade,
What are the problems with a low ...
19  cards
Control Of The Environmental Impacts Of Mineral Extraction
What of earths surface has been m...,
Why can mines cause conflict,
What ia turbid water
25  cards
The Conditions For Life On Earth
How long ago did earth form,
Why was mass important for for life,
What are the essential elements f...
32  cards
The Importance Of Conserving Biodiversity
What resources do we get from nature,
What can wood be used for,
What can fibres be used for
63  cards
Strategies To Secure Future Mineral Supplies
Why do new technologies need tk b...,
What is remote sensing,
How can remote sensing be done
33  cards
The atmosphere
What is the atmosphere,
How many main gases is the atmosp...,
What are the 3 main gases in orde...
23  cards
global climate change
What is climate change,
What is human caused climate chan...,
Is the greenhouse effect needed
71  cards
How human activities affect soil fertility
What is soil,
What is a fertile soil,
What factors can affect soil fert...
50  cards
Causes Of Soil Degradation And Erosion
What are the types of soil erosion,
What natural features reduce erosion,
What can be used to estimate soil...
24  cards
Human Activites That Cause Soil Erosion And Degradation
Why is vegetation removal causing...,
What is the benefits of ploughing,
What is the problem with ploughing
38  cards
The Difficulties Monitoring And Predicting Climate Change
Why is predicting climate change ...,
What is short term change in climate,
What is an example of s short ter...
31  cards
Feedback Mechanisms And Tipping Points
What is a feedback mechanism,
What are the two forms of feedbac...,
What is a positive feedback loop
48  cards
Threats To Biodiversity
What is direct exploitation,
How are species directly exploite...,
What are some examples of species...
66  cards
Setting conservation priorities
What is the iucn,
What is the role of the iucn,
What is the iucn red list
44  cards
Legislation And protocols
What is the problem with laws to ...,
When did the wildlife and country...,
What area does the wildlife and c...
27  cards
Captive breeding and release programs
What is ex situ conservation,
What is in situ conservation,
What is five questions need to be...
54  cards
Habitat conservation
Why is in situ conservation the m...,
What are the several general appr...,
How can land ownership be used to...
111  cards
the importance of energy supplies in the development of society
Historically what was humans prin...,
How was life limited by sunlight,
What biofuel allowed for fire
36  cards
the impact of the features of energy resources on their use
How were technologies previously ...,
How do new technologies need to b...,
What is an example of a new techn...
22  cards
Selected habitat: Temperate broadleaf Woodland
Where are most temperate broadlea...,
What are most of the trees in bro...,
What does the dominant tree speci...
47  cards
Selected habitat: tropical rainforest
What percentage of earths land is...,
What have the conditions do you w...,
What has a stable climate allowed...
79  cards
Selected Habitat: Tropical Coral Reefs
What group do corals belong to,
How many species are in the group...,
What are cilia
48  cards
Selected Habitats: Deep Water Coral Reefs
What type of water is deep water ...,
Do deep water coral polyps have s...,
Why is not the best that deep wat...
15  cards
Selected Habitats: Oceanic Islands
What is an oceanic island,
How were most oceanic islands formed,
What species are most likely colo...
28  cards
Selected Habitats: Mangroves
What is a mangrove forest,
Where are mangroves usually found,
What trees are dominant in tropic...
16  cards
Selected Habitat: Antarctica
What is antarctica,
How large is antarctica,
What is the ice cover and extent
61  cards
Research Methods: Specialist Techniques Used In Ecological Research
What is different about these spe...,
How is imagery being used as a re...,
What are image databases
43  cards
The Carbon Cycle
What are all the different stores...,
Where is carbon found in plants a...,
How many billion tonnes of carbon...
60  cards
The Nitrogen Cycle
What is the nitrogen cycle an exc...,
Why is nitrogen essential,
What carries out many of the proc...
38  cards
The Phosphurus Cycle
What are the important biological...,
Why might phosphorus be a limitin...,
How are absorption by roots aa pa...
11  cards
The Sustainability Of Current Energy Resource Exploitation- Finite Resources
What is sustainability,
What would make energy sustainable,
How do you find naturally occurri...
56  cards
The Sustainability Of Current Energy Resources Exploitation
Where does nuclear energy come from,
Is nuclear energy dense,
What are the two types of nuclear...
41  cards
Renewables And Their Sustainability
What lead to a reduction in the u...,
Why did fossil fuels replace rene...,
What has started a resurgence of ...
85  cards
Properties Of Renewables And The Issues Of Intermittency
What is intermittency,
What are some examples of intermi...,
How are fluctuations in energy us...
46  cards
Life Processes In The Biosphere- Adaption To The Environment
What must an organism adapt to if...,
How do species become better adapted,
What does natural selection lead to
13  cards
Life Processes In The Biosphere- Ecological Succession
What is essential in all species ...,
How long can the period of surviv...,
What is the most important thing ...
80  cards
Species Diversity And Ecological Stability
Where is species diversity often low,
What creates a cycle of populatio...,
What areas will have a higher bio...
47  cards
Ecological Terminology
What is taxonomy,
What is a taxonomic group called,
What is the problem with taxonomy
31  cards
New Energy Consrvation Technologies
What are the three areas where en...,
How does car shape affect efficiency,
What does a more effective vehicl...
67  cards
The Principles Of Agriculture
What does agriculture involve,
What are the key principles of ag...
2  cards
The Selection Of Species For Agriculture
How many factors affect what crop...,
What factors affect the choice an...
2  cards
Abiotic Factors And Their Control
How does control of abiotic facto...,
What is the importance of suitabl...,
What is an example of it being wa...
117  cards
Biotic Factors And Their Control
What are pests,
What ways do pests affect crops l...,
What are some examples of reducin...
81  cards
Introduction to research methods
What is accuracy,
What is precision,
What is an example of precision
12  cards
Research methods- scientific methodologies
What are the general principles o...,
What must be considered when desi...,
Why is careful planning needed fo...
31  cards
Manipulation of species
What is elective breeding,
What are some examples of traits ...,
How will some farmer reduce the e...
46  cards
Research metods- popualtion studies
Why are ecological surveys essential,
What are some popualtion features...,
What are standard ecological tech...
53  cards
Research methods- quantitive and numerical measures
What is local abundance,
How is relative abundance calculated,
What can be sued to study an area...
24  cards
Agricultural energetics
How is the intensity of agricultu...,
What two ways can as much be prod...,
What is extensive farming
46  cards
Research methods: Abiotic factors
What abiotic factors can be measu...,
What must be done to make sure el...,
What should be done if a meter ca...
24  cards
Research methods soil analysis
What must you do so soil be be an...,
What can be used to get a represe...,
What is the issue with collecting...
49  cards
Research methods: statistical analysis
How can the degree of variability...,
What is it possible to do with no...,
What do most scientific investiga...
23  cards
Research Methods: Specific Practical Investigations
Why can measuring water turbidity...,
What ways can be used to measure ...,
What do most electronic turbidity...
35  cards
Which stats test should you use?
What stat test do you use for eff...,
Why do you use chi sqaured for ef...,
What investigations will use the ...
10  cards
Environmental Impacts Of Agriculture
What sort of areas have to be cle...,
Will the land use change to farml...,
What are some ways farmland can c...
38  cards
social factors that affect agriculture
What personal choices may affect ...,
What types of ethical issues migh...,
What is an example of cultural fa...
12  cards
Availability of technology (agriculture)
Where are you most likely to find...,
What are some examples of technol...,
What are some examples of machine...
9  cards
Economic and Political influences on agriculture
What can influence the food and m...,
What is an example of where food ...,
What happened to food production ...
56  cards
Pollution introduction
What is pollution,
What causes pollution,
What is a pollutant
12  cards
3.4.1 Pollution: properties of pollutants
What states of matter can polluta...,
What does state of matter affect,
What is usually the case with the...
74  cards
3.4.2 How environmental features affect the severity of pollution
What is the most recognisable sou...,
How do industrial chimneys disper...,
After the initial stage what is t...
16  cards
3.4.3 strategies to control pollutants
What is the main cause of delhi s...,
Why do the farmers burn stubble,
How many people are typically aff...
26  cards
Strategies to increase agricultural sustainability
What is increasingly important wi...,
How are population sizes usually ...,
What happens if population rises ...
36  cards
Environmental factors affecting the rate of degradation
Will two identical amounts of pol...,
What is an example of a pollutant...,
What does increased temperature u...
28  cards
Marine productivity
What of earth is covered by oceans,
Why aren t all of the oceans prod...,
What are the 3 layers of light pe...
13  cards
What is demersal fishing,
What are the 2 types of demersal ...,
What is demersal trawling
64  cards
Environmental impacts of fishing
What will lead to population decl...,
What type of species are more vul...,
Why are k selected species more v...
46  cards
Principles of pollution control
What is cpa,
What is cpa,
What does cpa allow scientists to do
46  cards
Atmospheric Pollutants
What is the particulate size of smog,
What is smog,
What can cause fog to build up
73  cards
Population dynamics and monitoring fish populations
Are fish a renewable resource,
How have all species breeding rat...,
What will the breeding surplus no...
48  cards
Water pollution
What are the most common final si...,
What is pollutant concentration i...,
What is thermal pollution
98  cards
Principles of aquaculture
What is aquaculture,
What is the aim of aquaculture,
What is the differnce between int...
41  cards
Comparison Of Extensive And Intensive Aquaculture Systems
What type of aquaculture is typic...,
What is done with breeding in som...,
What is oyster spat
41  cards
Extent To Which Aquaculture Can Replace Fishing
What has happened to global fish ...,
What has happened to aquaculture ...,
What is a more productive way of ...
32  cards
Forest resources- the importance of forests
How much of earths land is covere...,
What type of community are forest...,
What resources can you get from f...
53  cards
Pollution: solid waste
What is solid waste,
What are some examples of solid w...,
What are some examples of domesti...
85  cards
Forest exploitation and management
What did traditional woodland man...,
What can oak be used for,
What can beech be used for
24  cards
How much of the worlds original f...,
What are the 2 main causes of def...,
What are the causes of forest loss
39  cards
Ionising radiation
What are some examples of ionisin...,
What is ionising radiation,
What 3 types of radiation are there
62  cards
Principles Of Sustainable Lifestyles
What is the most widely accepted ...,
What were past human impacts on t...,
What does current population grow...
92  cards
Noise Pollution
What is noise,
How is sound produced,
What is the effect of noise on ob...
50  cards
Biocapacity And Ecological Footprints
How many organisations make up th...,
What sort of organisations are pa...,
What does the global footprint ne...
21  cards
Cases Studies Of Sustainble Development
How large is the ol pejeta game r...,
What was the ol pejeta game reser...
25  cards
Selected community sustainability projects
What are some examples of small r...,
Where is eigg,
What as setup in 1996 in eigg
52  cards

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