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Histological Development of Teeth
Define odontogenesis,
When does odontogenesis of primar...,
When does odontogenesis of perman...
83  cards
Embryology Development
When is the preimplantation period,
When is the embryonic period,
When is the fetal period
59  cards
Microscopic Anatomy of Enamel, Dentin, Pulp
73  cards
Microscopic Anatomy of Attachment Apparatus
What are the components of bone,
State the percentages of inorgani...,
What are the structural component...
66  cards
Facial Structures/Oral Cavity
-Define and pronounce all terms -Locate and identify regions and associated landmarks on diagram and clinically -Describe boundaries of oral cavity -Relate the structures of the oral cavity with their description or label
56  cards
Anatomical Nomenclature
Anterior ventral
28  cards
Students will be able to identify features of the oral cavity that are covered as part of the IOE. Students will be able to identify features of the head and neck that are covered as part of the EOE. Students will be able to identify findings that are associated with these examinations. Students will be able to describe the two major parts/processes of the EOE/IOE.
18  cards
Intro to Dentitions
Functions of teeth,
Primary dentition deciduouslike t...,
Permanent dentition secondary suc...
47  cards
Anatomy of Teeth
Identify the different components of teeth, periodontium, spaces, and supporting bone. Define the function and composition of all components of the teeth. Identify line angles and point angles on diagrams and extracted teeth. Properly name all line and point angles. Differentiate between anatomical and clinical crowns and roots. Differentiate between the different types of occlusion.
22  cards
Basic Cell and Tissue Structure
68  cards
Oral Mucosa
Identify time of development for ...,
Name three types of oral mucosa a...,
23  cards
Anatomy of Teeth
Clinical crown,
Anatomical crown,
17  cards
E and f eruption dates,
D and g eruption dates,
B and i eruption dates
27  cards
Histological Development of Teeth
Exam 2
11  cards
Permanent Anterior Teeth
The curvature on the cej is about...,
All anterior teeth develop from 4...,
Ridges on the cervical third
35  cards
Permanent Posterior Teeth
One or more major elevations on t...,
Linear elevation on the masticato...,
Sloping planes located between cu...
79  cards
Deciduous Teeth
Active eruption,
Passive eruption,
Is eruption of primary and perman...
29  cards
Root Morphology
Define morphology,
Know the normal location of the c...,
Th ___ is where the cementum and ...
8  cards
What are the 3 ligaments of the tmj,
Identify features functions and l...,
Identify features functions and l...
46  cards
Osteology of The Skull
Rounded elevation on a bony surface,
Faint elevations where the fan sh...,
Elevation on the posterior aspect...
33  cards
Muscles of the Head and Neck
Identify on a diagram the cervica...,
For the muscles listed above iden...,
Demonstrate during a class activi...
14  cards
Muscles of Head and Neck Actions
If one side contracts head and ne...,
Lifts the clavicle and scapula,
Sternocleidomastoid and trapezius
17  cards
Exam 4 Blood Vessels of the Head and Neck
Communication of ablood vessel wi...,
Blood filled spaces betweentwo la...,
Clot that forms on the inner bloo...
51  cards
Cranial Nerves MINI EXAM 2
Carries information from muscles ...,
Kinesthetic sense sensations of b...,
Carries information away from the...
48  cards
Landmarks for Local Anesthia- Part of CUM FINAL
Type of injection thatanesthetize...,
Type of injection thatanesthetize...,
Abnormal sensation from anarea su...
57  cards
The Lymphatic System and Spread of Dental Infection Final Exam
2 components to the circulatory s...,
Anatomically blood vessels and ly...,
Lymphatic vessels ___ and ___ tha...
44  cards
Lymph Node Regions- From Tables
Occipitalpost auricularant auricu...,
Deep parotidretropharyngeal,
Submental submandibular external ...
21  cards

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