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Measures of Association
What are the two types of main st...,
Describe a cohort study,
What is the purpose of a cohort s...
45  cards
Surveillance and Trends
What is the driver of public heal...,
What is the definition of surveil...,
Define ongoing in the definition ...
38  cards
Standardization and Life Tables
What is the mortality rate,
What is life expectancy,
What is age specific mortality rate
16  cards
Study Designs and Measures of Association
Define a cohort study,
What is an experiment,
What is the aim of a clinical trial
41  cards
Confounding and Stratification
What is prevalence ratio,
What is risk ratio,
What is incidence rate ratio
13  cards
Confounding, Interaction, and Mediation
What is a mediator,
How do you distinguish between me...,
What is effect modification
25  cards
Logistic Regression, Probability, and Odds
What is regression,
What are the main purposes of reg...,
What does the regression line do
33  cards
Logistic Regression, Part II
How do we find the odds,
How do we find the odds,
What are the assumptions for line...
11  cards
Logistic Regression, Confounding, and Interaction
What is the basic form of the log...,
What is the logit of a probabilit...,
What is alpha is logistic regression
17  cards
DAGs and Model Building
What is a dag,
What does a dag allow us to do,
How is a backdoor represented in ...
18  cards
Survival Analysis, Poisson, Kaplan Meier
When do we use survival analysis,
Recall incidence rate,
Why do we do per thousand person ...
27  cards
Cox Proportional Hazard Regression
What does log rank test do,
How do we test for confounders in...,
What is the hazard rate ratio
17  cards
Error, Misclassification, and Bias
What are the two types of error i...,
What is systematic bias,
What is random error
26  cards

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