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Introduction/ Measures and Frequency of Association.
What does a disease determinant r...,
Who is widely considered the fist...,
If a disease is present at stable...
100  cards
Study Design Introduction and Case Control Studies.
What are the 7 functional steps w...,
When carrying out epidemiological...,
After aetiological factors of a d...
100  cards
Cohort studies.
What is the best type of observat...,
What simple exposure category is ...,
Why is the final population in a ...
46  cards
Public Health
Early neonatal death rate,
2  cards
What do rct s investigate,
What standard of investigation ar...,
What three questions are often as...
53  cards
Descriptive, cross sectional and ecological studies.
What is the epidemiological trans...,
Descriptive studies can define pa...,
What can you not do with a case r...
41  cards
Attribute risk and strategies for prevention.
If a risk ratio of disease a and ...,
Why do you need to take into acco...,
What are absolute measures used f...
35  cards
Direct and Indirect standardisation.
If a rate is described as crude w...,
What makes it difficult to compar...,
Apart from standardisation how ca...
30  cards
Nested studies.
What is the main advantage of usi...,
What is an advantage of using a n...,
Nested case control studies reduc...
30  cards
Disease incidence and prediction.
Tests that define an exposure or ...,
Is random or systematic error imp...,
What two things can result in inf...
45  cards
Meta analysis.
What sort of review has increased...,
What sort of summary does a syste...,
What sort of bias can be introduc...
54  cards
Confounding/ controlling for confounding.
At what stage s of the study can ...,
What is a crude association,
Describe what is meant by confoun...
56  cards
Effect modification.
When does effect modification occur,
Name four examples of effect modi...,
Do you modify for effect modifica...
48  cards
Validity of studies.
What is the overall goal of epide...,
Once interpreted a statistical as...,
What is the better way to refer t...
47  cards

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