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Chapter 1 - Introduction
What is epidemiology and the char...,
What are the 5 primary objectives...,
In what specific reason in which ...
9  cards
Ch.2 Dynamics of Disease Transmission
How does disease begin to arise w...,
What are some of the basic factor...,
True or false the factors that ca...
22  cards
Ch. 3 Measuring the occurrence of disease: Morbidity
When gathering information about ...,
How can rates and proportions be ...,
Define the incidence rate
18  cards
Ch. 4 Mortality
T or f mortality rates can serve ...,
How do we calculate the annual mo...,
How do you calculate the morality...
17  cards
Ch.5 Assessing the Validity and Reliability of Diagnostic and Screening Tests
What is a binomial curve how does...,
Define a unimodal curve how do we...,
Define validity of a test and wha...
25  cards
Ch. 6 Natural History of Disease: Ways of Expressing Prognosis
Why is the characterization of th...,
How can we describe the prognosis...,
When do most typically medical an...
24  cards
Ch. 7 Assessing the Efficiency of Preventative and Therapeutic Measures: Randomized Trials
True or false randomized trials a...,
What are the potential uses of a ...,
What is the basic design of a ran...
38  cards
Ch. 8) Randomized Trials: Some Further Issues
How many subjects do we have to s...,
What 4 possibilities can occur wh...,
What is the difference between a ...
15  cards
Ch. 9 Cohort Studies
Refresher what is the most import...,
Explain the design of a cohort study,
True or false in a positive assoc...
12  cards
Ch. 10 Case-Control Studies and other designs
True or false comparison is an es...,
Explain the design of a case cont...,
How can case participant be selec...
12  cards
Estimating Risk: Is There an Association?
0  cards
Ch. 12 More on Risk: Estimating the potential for prevention
0  cards
Ch. 13 Comparing Cohort and Case-Control Studies
0  cards
Ch.14 From Association to Causation: Deriving inferences from epidemiologic studies
0  cards
Ch. 15 More on Causal Inferences: Bias, Confounding, and Interaction
0  cards
Ch. 16 Identifying the roles of Genetic and Environmental Factors
0  cards

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