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Introduction to Biostatistics; Variables
Latin word of state and the root ...,
The study of the state or conditi...,
A science which deals with collec...
86  cards
Sampling and Sample Size Estimation
An act of studying or examining o...,
T or fsampling is only a segment ...,
Advantages of sampling
72  cards
Descriptive Statistics
patingin ng big deck
67  cards
Inferential Statistics
Inferential statisticscriterion o...,
The percentage of people with the...,
Tp tp fn x 100
125  cards
Data Presentation
Part of descriptive statistics su...,
3 types of data presentation,
T or fis it possible to use and c...
108  cards
(M) Introduction to Epidemiology
T or fepidemiology is study of wh...,
75  cards
(M) Theory of Disease Causation
T or fdisease and other health ev...,
But are more likely to occur in s...,
T or fone important use of epidem...
226  cards
(M) Natural History and Spectrum of Disease; and The Levels of Disease Prevention
Refers to the progression of a di...,
Untreated infection with hiv caus...,
Natural history of disease t or f...
182  cards
(M) Descriptive - Epidemiologic Approach
This is the way to know the deter...,
Record of patients what is happen...,
The hypothesis will be obtained from
80  cards
(M) Analytic - Epidemiologic Approach
Event of interest disease or death,
Should proceed before the outcome,
Health related event of interest
211  cards
(M) Validity of Epidemiologic Studies
Try to provide accurate answers t...,
T orestimates real prevalence or ...,
Involves generating and testing h...
45  cards
(M) Modern concepts of disease (Bradford Hill criteria)
Strong associations with higher r...,
Consistently finding an associati...,
If a factor is only associated wi...
10  cards
(M) Clinical Trials
Number of diseases in the experim...,
Number of diseases in the control,
Rr of disease in eer and risk in cer
8  cards
(F) Rates and Ratio
How would we know if a person is ...,
How would we say if a country com...,
Tools for epidemeiologyabsolute n...
140  cards
(F) Demography
The empirical statistical and mat...,
The scientific study of human pop...,
What are the three foci of demogr...
75  cards
(F) Outbreak Investigation
Levels of diseasethe amount of a ...,
Levels of disease first or initia...,
Levels of disease t or fin baseli...
183  cards
(F) Introduction to Surveillance
Diverse includes other diseases c...,
What are the 4 general steps in a...,
General step of public health app...
83  cards
Fertility ratea crude death rateb...,
Denominator of maternal mortality...,
Most sensitive index of the healt...
40  cards

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