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M&R S1 - Lipids, Proteins and Membrane Structure
Fatty acids are amphipathic what ...,
A phospholipid bilayer is compose...,
What is the predominant type of l...
37  cards
How do colles fractures occur,
What consequences can occur with ...
2  cards
MSK- Shoulder Joint
Abduction up to 15 degrees,
Abduction from 15 90 degrees
18  cards
M&R S2 - Membrane Permeability and Cell Volume/pH Regulation
What properties of solutes determ...,
What types of solutes can t pass ...,
What is passive diffusion what de...
51  cards
M&R S3 - The Resting Membrane Potential
Can a membrane potential be found...,
What is the resting membrane pote...,
Describe the range of resting mem...
20  cards
M&R S4 - Electrical Excitability
What is an action potential,
What factors are involved in the ...,
What is meant by action potential...
30  cards
M&R S5 - Effects of Electrical Signals, Ligand Gated Channels
How does an action potential open...,
Why can influx of ca2 into the ce...,
What is the key difference betwee...
32  cards
M&R S6 - Receptors and Membrane Turnover + Presentation Content (S7 included)
How are chemical signals classified,
What is a ligand,
What are the two major types of l...
120  cards
M&R S7 - Signal Transduction in Biological Membranes
What is signal transduction,
What are g proteins,
What are some of the cellular fun...
45  cards
M&R S8 - Drugs and Receptors
What is a drug target,
Give the different types of drug ...,
What is the function of agonist d...
55  cards
M&R S9 - Pharmacokinetics
Define pharmacokinetics,
What are the different formulatio...,
What are the different sites of a...
31  cards
M&R S10 - ANS and Pharmacokinetics
How do drugs affect neurotransmis...,
What are the 12 basic steps of ne...,
Where and how is acetylcholine sy...
29  cards
CVS S1 - Introduction to CVS + Anatomy of CVS + DR Work
Where does exchange of substances...,
What is the major mechanism of su...,
Diffusion is affected by what 3 f...
60  cards
CVS S2+3 - The Heart as a Pump & Congenital Heart Disease + DR Work
This deck Does not test L.O. 2.1 from this session (Describe the basic structure of the heart)
58  cards
CVS S2+3 - CVS Embryology (with labelling exercises)
What and where is the cardiogenic...,
What structures arise from the ca...,
Describe the location of the hear...
27  cards
CVS S4 - Cellular and Molecular events + ANS innervation in the CVS
How is the resting potential of c...,
What do these pictures show,
What does this picture show
57  cards
CVS S5 - Blood Flow
Define the terms flow and velocit...,
What is meant by laminar flow whe...,
What is meant by turbulent flow i...
36  cards
CVS S6 - Control of the CVS
Describe the effect on the cvs if...,
Describe the effect on pressure i...,
How does the heart supply enough ...
36  cards
CVS S7 - The ECG
Describe the spread of excitation...,
What would an extracellular elect...,
How does what an electrode see de...
38  cards
CVS S8 - Special Circulations
What two circulations are present...,
Describe the bronchial circulation,
Describe pulmonary circulation
40  cards
CVS S9 - Drugs and the CVS
What are some of the cardiovascul...,
What about the cardiovascular sys...,
List the ways arrhythmias can arise
35  cards
CVS S10 - Ischaemic Heart Disease
What are the 4 major areas of the...,
What might be the cause of chest ...,
What might be the cause of chest ...
33  cards
CVS S11 - Heart Failure
Define heart failure,
What are some of the causes of he...,
How does the relationship between...
37  cards
CVS S12 - Shock
Give a general definition of shock,
What are the causes of shock not ...,
What types of shock are due to a ...
22  cards
MoD S1+2 - Cell Injury
What is the difference in cell re...,
What are the major causes of cell...,
What is the result of hypoxia in ...
78  cards
MoD S3 - Acute inflammation
What is acute inflammation,
What are some of the causes of ac...,
What are the macroscopic features...
42  cards
MoD S4 - Chronic Inflammation
What is chronic inflammation,
How does chronic inflammation ari...,
How is chronic inflammation chara...
32  cards
MoD S5 - Healing and Repair
What is the definition of regener...,
What are stem cells what happens ...,
What are stem cells used for
48  cards
MoD S6 - Haemostasis, Thrombosis and Embolism
What factors does successful haem...,
How do blood vessels limit blood ...,
What are the major actions of pla...
45  cards
MoD S7 - Atheroma
Define atheroma,
Define atherosclerosis,
Define arteriosclerosis
45  cards
MoD S8 - Cell Adaptations
What does the size of a cell popu...,
What regulates cell proliferation...,
What are the 4 outcomes of cellul...
53  cards
MoD S9 - Neoplasm I
Define neoplasm,
How does a malignant neoplasm dif...,
Define tumour give an example of ...
25  cards
MoD S10 - Neoplasm II
What is the most lethal feature o...,
Can benign tumours metastasise,
Describe the process of metastasi...
26  cards
MoD S11 - Neoplasm III
What are the two major categories...,
What are the 5 leading behavioura...,
What proportion of cancer deaths ...
30  cards
MoD S12 - Neoplasm IV
What was the incident rate for ca...,
In 2010 what was the incidence ra...,
What are the most common cancers ...
29  cards
MSK - Embryology
Give a very brief overview of wha...,
When where and what are limb buds,
How does elongation of a limb bud...
23  cards

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