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1.1 Environmental value systems
Environmental value systems like ...,
What does the environmental movem...,
What are conservationists
13  cards
1.2 Systems and Models
Define a system,
Types of systems open closed isol...,
The carbon cycle state inputs and...
11  cards
1.3 Energy and Equilibria
Explain law of thermodynamics 1,
Define entropy,
Law of thermodynamics 2 explain
19  cards
1.4 Sustainability
Sustainability definition,
Natural capital definition,
Natural income definition
25  cards
1.5 Humans and Pollution
Pollution definition,
Differentiate point source pollut...,
State the four types of pollution
17  cards
2.1 Species and Populations
Define ecology,
Define ecosystem,
Define species
31  cards
2.2 Communities and Ecosystems
Define ecosystem,
What is the difference between ec...,
What are producers
27  cards
2.3 Flows of Energy and Matter
Solar radiation may also be called,
How is the solar radiation that r...,
What is the path of solar radiati...
36  cards
2.4: Biomes, Zonation, and Succession
Define biome,
What are the three cells of the t...,
Hadley cell where is it located a...
29  cards
2.5 Investigating ecosystems
What are the three types of sampling,
Random sampling how biased is it ...,
Advantages and disadvantages of r...
29  cards
3.1 An introduction to biodivesrity
Define biodiveristy importante amiga,
What biomes have higher biodiversity,
How does biodiversity change by l...
17  cards
3.2 Origins of Biodiversity
What is evolution metele tu bio k...,
What causes evolution,
What is speciation
16  cards
3.3 Threats to Biodiversity
How can we estimate the number of...,
Host specific species method explain,
Ratio of temperate and tropical s...
15  cards
3.4 Conservation of Biodiversity
What is an ngo igo go,
Make sure you are able to compare...,
What is a flagship specie state e...
20  cards
4.1: Introduction to water systems
What are the storages of the hydr...,
The flows of the water cycle can ...,
What are the major transformation...
12  cards
4.2 Access to freshwater
Who world health organization est...,
Give an example of a natural uneq...,
What is the problem with water ve...
21  cards
4.3 Aquatic food production systems
What are the zones that the ocean...,
Epipelagic zone depth y facts,
Mesopelagic zone depth y facts
36  cards
4.4 Water pollution
List some sources of water pollut...,
Organic pollution impact on water,
Eutrophication definition
22  cards
5.1 Introduction to soil systems
Define soil,
What are the four main functions ...,
State meaning in order pedosphere...
29  cards
5.2: Terrestial food production systems and food choices
The type of farming chosen and le...,
Outline intensive commercial farming,
How is it done
18  cards
5.3: Soil Degradation and Conservation
State 3 properties of fertile soils,
Why is soil considered a non rene...,
State some natural processes that...
9  cards
6.1: Introduction to the atmosphere
How is the earth s atmosphere a s...,
Main gases present in the atmosph...,
State each layer in the atmosphere
22  cards

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