essentials of fire fighting 6th edition

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Chapter 1: Orientation and Fire Service History
All hazard concept,
Authority having jurisdiction ahj,
18  cards
Chapter 2: FF Safety and History
15  cards
Chapter 3: FD Communications
Alarm assignement,
Automatic location identification...,
Base station radios
9  cards
Chapter 4: Building Construction
Balloon frame construction,
Curtain wall
35  cards
Chapter 5: Fire Behavior
Ambient conditions,
Autoignition temperature
73  cards
Chapter 6: Firefighter PPE
Airborne pathogens,
Air purifying respirator apr,
32  cards
Chapter 7: Portable Fire Extinguishers
Air aspirating foam nozzle,
Deionized water
11  cards
Chapter 8: Ropes, Webbing, and Knots
Life safety rope,
Utility rope,
Block creel construction
28  cards
Chapter 9: Structural Search and Rescue
Low pressure alarm,
12  cards
Chapter 10: Scene Lighting, Tools, Extrication, and Tech Rescue
B post,
Case hardened steel
22  cards
Chapter 11: Forcible Entry
Battering ram,
10  cards
Chapter 12: Ground Ladders
Bedded position,
Combination ladder,
Extension ladder
8  cards
Chapter 13: Tactical Ventilation
Air flow,
Exhausted opening
19  cards
Chapter 14: Water Supply
Accordian load,
Attack hose
33  cards
Chapter 15: Fire Hose
0  cards
Chapter 16: Fire Streams
0  cards
Chapter 17: Fire Control
0  cards
Chapter 18: Loss Control
0  cards
Chapter 19: Fire Origin and Cause Determination
0  cards
Chapter 20: Fire Protection Systems
0  cards
Chapter 21: Fire and Life Safety Initiatives
0  cards

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essentials of fire fighting 6th edition

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