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euthansia- "asses the view that euthanasia is always morally wrong "
Define sanctity of life,
Explain the christian weak sancti...,
Define voluntary euthanasia
48  cards
the church should learn from society when it comes to attitudes towards homosexuality
1 point for yes,
1 point for no,
Another point to argue yes and co...
4  cards
What is newman s view of conscience,
Outline aquinas view with the use...,
Explain aquinas vincible and invi...
16  cards
Meta Ethics
Define meta ethics,
What is a subjectivist,
What is an objective moral truth
45  cards
"critically asses wether situation ethics is a good system for making moral decisions"
Define agape,
What are the four working princip...,
What are the 6 propositions
12  cards
Bonhoeffer and Christian Moral Action
What is the governments aim,
What two passages from the new te...,
What is the problem with the two ...
29  cards
natural law
What is natural law based on,
What was aristotle s idea about t...,
The rediscovery of ancient greek ...
29  cards
situation ethics overview
What two approaches did joseph fl...,
What is situation ethics,
Explain fletchers example of mrs ...
18  cards
kantian ethics
Kant was fascinated by the sense ...,
Kants theory is,
What is the hypothetical imperati...
27  cards
Utilitarianism is a,
Utilitarianism is also,
Background in bentham
23  cards
3 examples of where sexuality is ...,
When the children of israel were ...,
Two problems with interpreting th...
64  cards
buisness ethics
What is corporate responsibility,
Milton friedman argues that the p...,
Friedman was building on the idea...
47  cards

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