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Situation Ethics
What are the 4 working principles,
What is pragmatism,
What is relativism
29  cards
Natural Moral Law
How does aquinas base his thinkin...,
How does aquinas think of the fiv...,
What are the 5 precepts
29  cards
Utilitarianism - Bentham
Where did bentham write about uti...,
What is a hedonist,
What is an act utilitarian
29  cards
Utilitarianism - Mill and Singer
Give mill s quote about higher an...,
How is mill a weak rule utilitarian,
What did mill think about bentham...
30  cards
Medical ethics
What is voluntary euthanasia,
What is involuntary euthanasia,
What is active euthanasia
28  cards
Medical ethics part 2
What does the bible say about san...,
Give bible quotes which show the ...,
What do natural moral law theoris...
27  cards
Applying Situation Ethics to medical ethics
Apply fletchers principle of prag...,
Apply fletchers principle of rela...,
Apply fletchers principle of posi...
19  cards
Applying Natural Moral Law to medical ethics
How does nml s deontological rule...,
Apply the 5 precepts and secondar...,
Apply real and apparent good to e...
26  cards
Conscience - Augustine and Aquinas
What did augustine say about the ...,
Give augustine s quote,
How does the bible support augustine
33  cards
Conscience - Freud
What is the id,
What is the ego,
What is the superego
29  cards
Kantian ethics
When was kant writing and what di...,
What type of system is kantian et...,
How does kant work out his laws
28  cards
Evaluating Kantian Ethics
What supports the categorical imp...,
What is strong about the categori...,
What is strong about kant s appro...
15  cards
Kant - the Moral argument
What is the moral argument,
What is the first part of the mor...,
What is the second part of the mo...
11  cards
Business ethics
What is corporate social responsi...,
What are stakeholders,
What are shareholders stockholders
33  cards
Business ethics - scholars
What did adam smith say about people,
What does adam smith say about fr...,
What was adam smith s trickle dow...
25  cards
Business ethics - Utilitarianism
How can utilitarianism be misappl...,
Apply the hedonic calculus to nik...,
How can the hedonic calculus supp...
38  cards
Business ethics - Kant
According to kant what is our duty,
Why for kant should people not be...,
Why shouldn t companies sell defe...
20  cards
Meta Ethics - Ethical Naturalism
What do ethical naturalists belie...,
Give an example which supports et...,
What do the naturalists believe a...
22  cards
Meta Ethics - Intuitionism
What did moore say about ethical ...,
What type of thinker was moore,
What did moore say about goodness
25  cards
Meta Ethics - Emotivism
What did hume say about terms lik...,
What is the point of hume s dead ...,
What was hume s murder example
28  cards
Sexual ethics - church teachings - premarital sex
How is the old testament against ...,
What did the old testament teach ...,
How does the old testament suppor...
24  cards
Church teachings - adultery
Why is adultery considered wrong ...,
What jesus teaching does adultery...,
What vow does adultery break
13  cards
Church teachings - homosexuality
What does the leviticus say about...,
How do liberals use genesis to su...,
What did jesus say about homosexu...
30  cards
Sexual Ethics - Situation Ethics
What example of premarital sex do...,
How does pragmatism apply to prem...,
How does personalism apply to pre...
25  cards
Sexual ethics - NML
How did aquinas apply aristotle s...,
How does premarital sex break the...,
How does premarital sex break the...
22  cards
Sexual ethics - Kant
Why would kant disagree with cont...,
How is contraception a hypothetical,
For kant why is premarital sex wrong
15  cards
Sexual ethics - Utilitarianism
What does bentham say about publi...,
What does bentham say about talk ...,
How does bentham criticise mill s...
18  cards
Utilitarianism - extra
What did sidgwick say about pleasure,
What does bernard williams say ab...,
What does macintyre say about uti...
7  cards

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