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Decks in this class (18)

Natural Law Scholars
Dawkins and darwin on natural law,
Sigmund freud,
Kai neilso
12  cards
Situation Ethics Scholars
Popes on situation ethics,
Bishop john robinson
10  cards
Kantian Ethics Scholars
5  cards
Utilitarianism Scholars
Ge moore and hume,
Bernard williams,
John rawls
8  cards
Euthanasia Scholars
Pope francis,
Pope francis,
Hippocrates of kos
12  cards
Business Ethics Scholars
Andrew crane
6  cards
Sexual Ethics Scholars
Pope francis
4  cards
Conscience Scholars
Eric fromm
4  cards
Meta-Ethics Scholars
Aj ayer,
Ge moore,
David hume
5  cards
Natural Law AO2 and Essay Plans
7 strengths of natural law,
Weaknesses of natural law,
Something can be deemed good base...
6  cards
Situation Ethics AO2 and Essay Plans
Strengths of situation ethics,
Weaknesses of situation ethics,
Barclays main criticisms
7  cards
Kantian Ethics AO2 and Essay Plans
Strengths of kantian ethics,
Weaknesses of kantian ethics,
Strengths of idealism in kantian ...
8  cards
Utilitarianism AO2 and Essay Plans
4 weaknesses of benthams act util...,
4 weaknesses of rule utilitarianism,
6 strengths of utilitarianism
10  cards
Euthanasia AO2 and Essay Plans
Strengths of natural law and euth...,
Weaknesses of natural law and eut...,
Strengths of situation ethics and...
4  cards
Business Ethics A02 and Essay Plans
Human beings flourish in a capita...,
Human beings do not flourish in a...,
Csr is nothing more than hypocrit...
11  cards
Sexual Ethics AO2 and Essay Plans
Strengths of natural laws approac...,
Weaknesses of natural laws approa...,
Strengths of situation ethics app...
12  cards
Meta Ethics A02 and Essay Plans
Strengths of a cognitive approach...,
Weaknesses of a cognitive approac...,
Strengths of a non cognitive appr...
9  cards
Conscience A02 and Essay Plans
Strengths of aquinas view on cons...,
Weaknesses of aquinas view of con...,
Strengths of freuds view of consc...
8  cards

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