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Free Will and Determinism
What is hard determinism,
What is physical determinism,
How does physical determinism sup...
58  cards
What is the first type of view on...,
What is the second type of view o...,
What is the third type of view on...
45  cards
Natural law
What is the first part of the ess...,
What is the second part of the es...,
What is the third part of the ess...
23  cards
Kantian Ethics
What is the first part of the ess...,
What is the second part of the es...,
What is the third part of the ess...
19  cards
Meta Ethics
What is meta ethics,
What is normative ethics,
What is first order moral discourse
53  cards
Virtue Ethics
Where did virtue ethics originate...,
What was platos moral theory,
How did aristotle define a virtue
28  cards
Who came up with act utlitarianism,
What type of theory is it,
What did he think about morality
19  cards
Sexual ethics key words
27  cards
Situation ethics
Who originated this theory,
What is it based on,
What should we do
11  cards
Environmental Ethics
What is environmental ethics,
Why is it especially important in...,
What is the traditional western a...
82  cards
Business ethics key words
What is an employer,
What is a employee,
What are the proletariat
18  cards
Business ethics
What is business ethics,
How can a business be unethical,
What did adam smith think about b...
80  cards
Sexual Ethics
What is sexual ethics,
What are some of the main issues ...,
What are the traditional purposes...
64  cards

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