evidence law

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Introduction: General Principles and Concepts
What are the two levels to the la...,
What is the general rule about re...,
W alexander sons ltd v dundee cor...
10  cards
Judicial Knowledge
What is judicial knowledge,
Walker walker evidence 3rd edn p 209,
What are the two key distinctions...
24  cards
Burden (Onus of Proof)
What is the general rule,
What are the types of burden of p...,
What is persuasive legal burden
19  cards
Standard of Proof
What are the standards of proof,
Is there a third standard,
What is the standard of proof in ...
10  cards
What is a presumption,
What is a rebuttable presumption ...,
What are some examples of presump...
16  cards
Collateral Evidence
What is collateral evidence,
Who decides that evidence is coll...,
What is similar fact evidence sfe
39  cards
What is hearsay evidence,
What is the general rules about h...,
What is the general rules about h...
63  cards
Irregularly Obtained Evidence
What is the problem of irregularl...,
What is the approach to irregular...,
What is the conflict of interests...
23  cards
Real Evidence
What is real evidence,
Why is real evidence used,
What types of evidence are classi...
22  cards
Expert (Opinion) Evidence
What is the distinction made betw...,
What is the rationale for the gen...,
What are the exceptions to the ge...
40  cards
Confessions and statements against interest
When is a confession admissible,
What is the difference between ci...,
What does high probative value mean
62  cards
Sufficiency and Corroboration
What is sufficiency,
What is corroboration,
What is the rationale for corrobo...
66  cards
Privilege and Immunity
What is the distinction between p...,
Santa fe international corpn v na...,
More root wimpey highland fabrica...
51  cards
Witnesses: competence, compellability and other specialities
What does competence mean,
What was compellability mean,
Is the accused a competent witness
41  cards
Preparation for, and the course of, a trial or proof
What are precognitions,
Can you be required to submit to ...,
Can you be required to submit to ...
98  cards

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