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Introduction to pharmacology
What is a drug,
What is an antagonist,
What is an agonist
16  cards
Drugs And The Eye
Name two examples of lubricants w...,
Name two anti invectives which op...,
Name two systemic drugs used for ...
35  cards
Allergic Eye Disease
What is the ocular manifestation ...,
What are sight threatening allerg...,
Which part of the eye does allerg...
48  cards
Medicines And Law Prescription Writing And Signed Orders
What are the three legal categori...,
How do prescription only medicine...,
Can an ip optometrist prescribe c...
16  cards
Prescribing Resources
What does mims stand for,
What is the electronic medicines ...,
What two resources work well and ...
8  cards
What are mydriatics used for,
Why would you want to dilate a px,
When would a mydriatic be used
38  cards
What are the optometric uses of c...,
What are ophthalmological uses of...,
Name seven indications to using c...
27  cards
Pathogenesis of Glaucoma
What is a key feature of glaucoma,
Name the five risk factors of gla...,
What are the clinical features of...
29  cards
Are topical anaesthetics pom,
What are the indications of use o...,
What are three advantages of anae...
20  cards
Diagnostic Stains
What is the use of fluorescein so...,
What are the uses of rose bengal,
What are the uses of lissamine green
18  cards
Pathogenisis Of Infectious Disease
What are some defence mechanisms ...,
What are three risk factors to in...,
What is commensal
48  cards
Pathogenesis Of Inflammatory Eye Disease
What is inflammation,
Name six causes of inflammation,
What are five signs of inflammation
37  cards
Optometrist Prescribing
What are two non specialist healt...,
What happened in 2005 regarding c...,
What year was the opticians act p...
17  cards
Name three types of non infective...,
What is the pathogen that is resp...,
What are
38  cards
Principles of prescribing
What are the five points you must...,
When prescribing for children why...,
What two topical anti allergy dru...
8  cards
Anti-inflammatory Drugs
What is corticosteroids,
Where are corticosteroids produced,
Which hormone from the pituitary ...
45  cards
Dry Eye Disease
What is the definition of dry eye...,
What does osmolarity mean,
What are the two types of dry eyes
38  cards
Anti-infective Drugs
Why do anti infective medication ...,
What part a bacteria does pencill...,
With majority of ophthalmic use w...
62  cards
Dry Eye Preparations
What percentage of agents recomme...,
What forms do ocular lubricants c...,
Why should ocular lubricants not ...
42  cards
Anti-glaucoma drugs
What is dependent on how glaucoma...,
What is a huge risk factor of gla...,
In a forest plot what does the ve...
53  cards
Lid Margin Disease
What is another term for lid marg...,
Where are the meibomian glands lo...,
What does the grey line represent
33  cards
Systemic Drugs- cardiovascular
What is the major cause of death,
What does prophylactic mean,
What are modifiable risk factors ...
45  cards
Systemic Drugs - CNS
What of the population take cns d...,
How many people have mental healt...,
How does the gp diagnose depression
41  cards
Drug Toxicology - Priyesh
What is a toxic effect,
Example beta blockers,
There is two types of adverse dru...
47  cards
Evidence-based Clincial Decision Making
What is evidence base healthcare,
What is the 5 step process of ebhc,
What frame work is best to formul...
19  cards
Glaucoma 1 - introduction
What is glaucoma s,
What percentage of glaucoma s are...
46  cards
GLAUCOMA 2 - tonometry + pachymetry
Why is early detection of glaucom...,
Which is the only treatment that ...,
Demographic and clinical factors ...
62  cards
GLAUCOMA 3- Automated Perimetry 1 and 2
What is the different kinetic and...,
What is threshold perimetry,
What spot sizes do we use
61  cards
GLAUCOMA 4 - VF Progression and Newer techniques
What is the main goal of manageme...,
List 3 basic ways of controlling ...,
What are some clinical methods to...
40  cards
Cataract - Optometric management, and surgical management + complications
What is the most common cataract,
What rx shift would someone with ...,
What were the number of cataract ...
55  cards
Glaucoma 5- Modern imaging techniques
What does oct stand for,
What does tomography mean,
This is a nice way of what an oct...
50  cards
Glaucoma 7 - Referral Filtering Pathway
Why do we have glaucoma referral ...,
How much does glaucoma account fo...,
How do we increase diagnostic acc...
34  cards
How is someone s bp measured,
What does systolic pressure refer to,
What does diastolic pressure refe...
88  cards
Vascular Occlusions
What is the second most common re...,
What is more common brvo or crvo,
Why does a brvo happen
101  cards
Diabetic Eye Disease: Clinical Features and Classification
State the four types of diabetes,
What type of diabetes is mody sim...,
What is type 1 diabetes mellitus
112  cards
Diabetic Eye Disease 2-Management Part 1 + 2
What are the referral guidelines ...,
How would we class a retina few s...,
How would we class and manage a r...
85  cards
AMD classification 1 and referral 2
What is the impact of amd,
How big is the macula,
What is the beckman s grading sca...
119  cards
retinal detachment
Differential diagnoses for acute ...,
Symptoms of rd,
How common is rd
36  cards
GLAUCOMA 6 - assessment of optic disc in POAG
What is glaucoma characterised by,
Before you develop a vf defect ho...,
What is the ohts study
65  cards
Neuro-Ophthalmology: Management of Headaches
How frequent are migraines in dis...,
Are headaches more common in male...,
What group of people are headache...
94  cards
refractive surgery
Prevalence of myopia in uk,
Complications from radial keratotomy,
What is radial keratotomy
50  cards
Managing Trauma
What is the most eye related ed v...,
What are corneal abrasions,
What can cause corneal abrasions
43  cards
What is uveitis,
What are the 4 types of uveitis,
What are the 2 types of anterior ...
43  cards
Pupil pathology
What is the pupil,
What is the problem with small ap...,
What is the problem with large ap...
15  cards
Visual field defects
What is static perimetry,
What is kinetic perimetry,
What are the 2 types of static pe...
28  cards

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