f202 - life insurance fellowship

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Chapter 1- South African General Business Environment
List the main factors in the gene...,
List the sub factors in the gener...,
How does the insurance act and lo...
25  cards
Chapter 2- South African Socio-economic Conditions
0  cards
Chapter 3- South African Specific Products (Individual Life)
List various product categories o...,
Describe risk products and their ...,
Describe the risk applicable to r...
38  cards
Chapter 3- South African Specific Products (Group)
Describe a group life contract as...,
List various group risk products,
Describe the features of group ri...
9  cards
Chapter 3- South African Specific Products (Micro-Insurance)
Define micro insurance,
Describe the background to micro ...,
Describe mirco insurance products...
9  cards
Chapter 4- Contract Design and Pricing
Describe contract design factors,
Describe the discounted cashflow ...,
Describe the five steps involved ...
4  cards
Chapter 5- Methods of Sale in South Africa
List the 4 different sales channe...,
Describe the brokers sales channel,
Describe company agents sales cha...
8  cards
Chapter 6- South African Insurance Taxation
List the three recent changes to ...,
Describe the tax for life policie...,
Describe the change in tax treatm...
21  cards
Chapter 7- South African Regulatory Environment (LTIA 1998 & IA 2017)
Describe the twin peaks model of ...,
Describe the power duty and oblig...,
Describe governance and operation...
20  cards
Chapter 7- South African Regulatory Environment (NCA, FAIS, FICA, TCF)
Describe the financial advisers a...,
Describe the definition of advice...,
Desrcribe the impact of the fais ...
13  cards
Chapter 8- Professional Guidance
Describe the difference between s...,
List the various guidance notes a...,
Outline the contents of sap 104 3
9  cards
Chapter 9- Supervisory and Published Reporting Valuations
Describe the 3 main purposes for ...,
What do we need to note with rega...,
Describe the ifrs standards aplli...
30  cards
Chapter 13- On-going Solvency
Describe the purpose for analysin...,
List the various needs for capital 8,
List the reasons for projectig so...
37  cards
SAP 104-Valuation of Assets, Liabilities and Solvency Capital Requirements
Outline the 5 accounting standard...,
State why the financial soundness...,
Explain why it is importnat to di...
9  cards
APN 105-Minimum Requirement for Deriving AIDS Extra Mortality Rates
Describe the motivation behind ap...,
Describe the minimum requirements...,
List components of epidemiologcal...
3  cards
APN 106-Actuaries and Long-term Insurers
Outline a high level overview of ...,
Describe the requirements and pro...,
Describe the hafs responisbilitie...
19  cards
APN 108-Transfer of long-term business of licenced insurer -Role of independent actuary
Describe the consideration of the...,
Describe the contents that would ...,
Outline the involvement of the in...
5  cards
APN 109-Company Takeovers
Describe the conflicts of interes...,
Describe requirements if an actua...,
Outline the discloure requirement...
4  cards
APN 110-Allowance for Embedded Value Investment Derivatives
List the various embedded investm...,
Outline why allowance for embedde...,
Outline the methodology for the v...
13  cards
FSI 2.2-Valuation of Technical Provisions
Outline the principles and requir...,
Ouline additional general princip...,
Describe the segmentation require...
27  cards
FSI 2.2- (Guidance Note) Valuation of Technical Provisions
Outline the general guidance for ...,
Describe the specific guidance fo...,
Outline the splification in calcu...
20  cards
FSI 3-Calculation of Minimum Capital Requirements
Describe the roles and responsibi...,
Outline the principles underlying...,
Describe the general structure of...
7  cards
FSI 4-Calculation of SCR using Standardized Formula
Outline the responsibilities of t...,
Outline key elemenyts and approac...,
Outline the risk categories and i...
12  cards
FSI 5-Calculation of SCR using a Full or Partial Internal Model
Outline the requirements to obtai...,
Outline the responsibilities rega...,
How frequent should a calculation...
26  cards
Chapter 10- Profitability and Existing New Business
Outline the calculation of profit...,
Outline the criteria and accounti...,
Outline reason why future surplus...
25  cards
Chapter 11-Analysis of Surplus
Outline the reasons for the chang...,
Outline the sources of surplus 16,
Outline the two approaches for de...
13  cards
Chapter 12-Analysis of change in Embedded Value
Outline the reasons for analyzing...,
Outline how a change in embedded ...,
Describe how an aoev can be used ...
8  cards
APN 107-Embedded Value Reporting
Outline considerations regarding ...,
Outline the general apn 107 metho...,
Outline the specific allowance fo...
25  cards
Chapter 15- South African Surplus Distribution Requirements
Outline the considerations regard...,
Outline horizontal equity conside...,
Outline vertical equity considera...
5  cards
Chapter 16- Surplus Distribution Policy
Outline the high level structure ...,
Outline the features of a reversi...,
Outline the features of a reversi...
39  cards
Chapter 14_1-Surrender Values
Outline the number of factors the...,
Outline the fair profit approach ...,
Outline the fair market approach ...
17  cards
Chapter 14_1- Alterations of Non-linked Contracts
List the types of alterations 4,
Outline the basic principles that...,
Outline the general principles th...
15  cards
Chapter 17- Asset Liability Management
Outline that nature of life insur...,
Define asset liability management 2,
Define asset liability matching
13  cards
Chapter 18- Risk Management and Control
Outline the requirements of insur...,
Outline the provision in the insu...,
Outline the functions of a risk c...
37  cards

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