family law

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Introduction- mediation etc
Since 2014 those seeking a divorc...,
What does miam stand for,
Why do gov what you to attend mia...
26  cards
Introduction- What is a family?
What is the 1st thing to consider,
What is the basics of family law,
Leading case for what is a family
32  cards
Marriage and other family units 2
What are the one of the earlier d...,
What is the hyde definition,
What case is different and hyde
47  cards
Forming Formal Rels*
What are the two types of relatio...,
What are the types of formal rela...,
What are the types of informal re...
47  cards
Void/Voidable M/CP's
What section deals with void marr...,
What is the 1st ground,
What does it cover
60  cards
Financial Orders 1&2*
Aim with regard to financial orde...,
Aim eg of court providing an adva...,
Aim how does the law achieve and ...
61  cards
Financial Order 3 & 4
What should you deffo know in rel...,
What is the priority in case wher...,
What have the big money cases all...
83  cards
Financial Order 5 & 6
What is a clean break orderwhat d...,
What 2 cases show support,
What does baroness in miller diff...
56  cards
Financial order 7
0  cards
Children-Protection 1 & 2
Intro what parts and act,
What is part 3 for,
What is part 4 for
118  cards
Children- Protection
What must be proved when looking ...,
What are you looking at when it c...,
What is the relevant date for ass...
38  cards
Children & PR 4 & 5
What are the things that the law ...,
What are blended families,
Why do we have more blended famil...
88  cards
Children - s8 orders- 6 & 7
0  cards
Violence in family 1 & 2
Intro 1st thing need to know,
What can you get for dv,
Difference between civil and crim...
85  cards
Violence in Family 3 & 4
3 what is a new topic,
Purpose of occupation orders,
Possible orders look in stat book...
85  cards
Cohabitation 1&2
Introduction what does the court ...,
Intro what does property law decide,
Intro what about social policy co...
84  cards
Cohabitation 3 & 4
B drawing inferences from conduct,
60  cards
Divorce/Dissolution 2- lecture 1
Terminology for divorce dissolution,
Setting the landscape,
Historical figures
40  cards
Divorce/Dissolution 2- lecture 2
Fact b behaviour,
What does s1 2 b mca 1973 say abo...,
What does s1 2 b mca 1973 involve
42  cards
Divorce/dissolution 2 (3)
Dissolution of civil partnerships,
How is the civil similar to divor...,
Judicial separation
19  cards
Extra things to learn
Financial orders slide 2 factors ...,
33  cards

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family law

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