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family law llb 2

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Decks in this class (12)

Changing nature of family
What is a complex family,
Dependent vs non dependent children,
What is a household
18  cards
Legal formalities for stable and intimate relationships
What has historically changed wit...,
Give some reasons to marry,
What does burden v uk 2006 tell us
25  cards
Divorce law
What is the new law on divorce ca...,
What new divorce features have be...,
What do sections 1 and 3 say abou...
9  cards
Financial provision and divorce
What are the key mca sections reg...,
What are the financial consequenc...,
What does mca 1973 s25 1 say abou...
30  cards
What rights to financial remedies...,
What rights are available followi...,
Why is cohabitation financially r...
29  cards
Who is a mother in law,
Who is the father in law,
How does bainham suggest we disti...
27  cards
Parental reps and child welfare
What does s 3 1 of the children a...,
Who has parental responsibility,
What does s2 childrens act 1989 s...
37  cards
Private disputes
What are private orders,
Explain s8 ca 9189,
What does s12 c and f act 2014 say
21  cards
Domestic violence
What was the coalition gov def of da,
In 2020 how many adults experienc...,
What is partner abuse
44  cards
What is the goal of mediation,
What is minimal intervention medi...,
What is direct mediation
15  cards
Why do courts depart from equality,
How do courts consider the nature...,
Who wants a prenup
10  cards
What is the formal approach to fa...,
What are the issues with a formal...,
What is the functional approach t...
43  cards

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family law llb 2

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