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Epidemiology for Boards
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Health Promotion
Uspstf grade a recommendation,
Uspstf grade b recommendation,
Uspstf grade c recommendation
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Heart Failure
Definitions of heart failure cate...,
What are the new york heart assoc...,
How is bnp related to crcl
20  cards
First line treatment for bph,
When to use 5 alpha reductase inh...,
In addition to alpha blockers and...
28  cards
Developmental milestones in Peds
Developmental milestones for 1 mo...,
Developmental milestones for 4 mo...,
Developmental milestones for 2 mo...
10  cards
Well child exams
What is the recommendation on aut...,
Which childhood screening tests h...,
What are the fluoride recommendat...
19  cards
Adolescent Health Care
What does sshadeess stand for,
What age do you start pap smears,
What age do you start hiv screening
7  cards
Major Arthritides
How should you approach articular...,
What are 7 diseases to keep in yo...,
What are 9 diseases to keep in di...
36  cards
Fever and infectious diseases in children
How do you work up fever in an in...,
What are the iv antibiotic regime...,
How do you work up infant 21 90 d...
33  cards
STIs STDs and vaginosis
Recommended treatment regimen for...,
Treatment regimen for metronidazo...,
Should you retest people diagnose...
36  cards
Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
What are the factors used to dete...,
Definition of metabolic syndrome,
Definition of prediabetes
15  cards
How do you diagnose diabetes,
What can falsely elevated hba1c,
What can falsely lower hba1c
46  cards
Common Issues in the Elderly
When will medicare pay for skille...,
How long before the need for nurs...,
Treament for lumbar spinal stenos...
19  cards
Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
What is the most effective medica...,
What is the most effective treatm...,
What is first line imaging choice...
31  cards
Virchows triad,
What is the d dimer cutoff,
What do you do if clinical suspic...
35  cards
ACS and hyperlipidemia
Common ekg finding for nstemi,
Management of nstemi,
What are the anterior ekg leads a...
14  cards
What is the definition of htn in ...,
At what age do you begin screenin...,
How do you define htn in the pedi...
24  cards
What part of the electrical syste...,
What part of the electrical syste...,
What is the treatment for mobitz ...
24  cards
Common Problems in Neurology
How are seizures classified,
Most likely cause of new seizure ...,
Most common cause of seizures in ...
33  cards
Emergency Medicine
What are the 5ts and 6hs of acls,
Acls algorithm for vfib vtach,
Cardioversion dose in this scenar...
70  cards
Peripheral Vascular Disease
What is the uspstf recommendation...,
Who does medicare part b cover fo...,
At what size should you refer a p...
13  cards
Acute Kidney Injury
What elements are used to calcula...,
What elements are used to calcula...,
Using the microalbumin creatinine...
30  cards
Pre-op Risk Assessment
Endoscopy cataract plastics breas...,
Head and neck abdominal orthopedi...,
Aortic and vascular peripheral va...
29  cards
Surgical Abdomen
In management of surgical abdomen...,
Can you differentiate between dir...,
What is a richter hernia
23  cards
Pediatric Surgical Abdomen
Clinical triad of necrotizing ent...,
Age range for presentation of hyp...,
Presentation of hypertrophic pylo...
15  cards
Abdominal Vascular Emergencies
Acute mesenteric venous thrombosi...,
Ischemic colitis key symptom etio...,
Acute mesenteric arterial occlusi...
4  cards
Otolaryngology ENT
What are the three required eleme...,
What are severe symptoms of acute...,
Signs of otitis media with effusi...
20  cards
Acute CVA and TIA
Acute stroke events are most ofte...,
What is the major modifiable risk...,
Who should be on aspirin for prim...
21  cards
Esophageal Disorders
Diagnosis of achalasia,
Treatment of achalasia,
What are symptoms of diffuse esop...
9  cards
Acid Peptic Disorders
How do you diagnosed peptic ulcer...,
What is the use of the urea breat...,
What is the use of a stool antige...
12  cards
Upper GI Disorders
What are symptoms of delayed gast...,
Treatment for delayed gastric emp...,
What are symptoms of dumping synd...
5  cards
Lower GI disorders
What are some common lab findings...,
What labs are used to diagnose ce...,
Lab markers of inflammatory bowel...
21  cards
Peds Ortho
Describe the disease that fits th...,
What is the most common congenita...,
Managenent of polydactyly
23  cards
Salter harris fracture type i and...,
Salter harris fracture type ii an...,
Salter harris fracture type iii a...
17  cards
Sports medicine
Finding of hocm,
Management of sports related conc...,
What is female athlete triad
15  cards
Female cancers
What is the main presenting sign ...,
What is the most common cause of ...,
What treatment has the strongest ...
18  cards
When treating women for menopause...,
Which ssris and snris are used in...,
What treatments can you recommend...
6  cards
Which medications are likely to l...,
What are the advantages to extend...,
What vital requires monitoring wh...
8  cards
Infertility is defined as the ina...,
What elements of the history shou...,
When evaluating an infertile coup...
4  cards
Breast issues
Management of the following woman...,
Management of the following young...,
What image would you use to diffe...
10  cards
Endocrine Diseases
What are surrogate markers for hy...,
Starting dose of levothyroxine yo...,
If tsh is therapeutic but pt not ...
25  cards
Chronic Kidney Disease
Most common cause of ckd,
Definition of stage 1 ckd,
Definition of stage 2 ckd
21  cards
What is the atopic triad,
At what age should your diagnosis...,
On spirometry what percentage of ...
22  cards
What is the most common symptom o...,
What is the key test for diagnosi...,
When should you obtain alpha 1 an...
12  cards
What is the uspstf recommendation...,
What levels do you follow in sarc...,
Mainstay in sarcoid patients
22  cards
What are nonstimulant drugs for adhd,
What are behavioral interventions...,
What are some features that make ...
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