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Post WW1 Italy
How many notes did dannunzio drop...,
What was the mutilated victory,
Dannunzio sized control of fiume ...
14  cards
Growth Of Fascism
The initial growth of fascism can...,
Where did the main group of activ...,
Why did small farmers support fas...
27  cards
Mussolini Takes Power
Which quote underlines mussolinis...,
What were the benefits of fascist...,
Describe the sadistic policies th...
15  cards
The March On Rome
Who put mussolini under pressure ...,
What happened on the 16th october...,
What happened on the 24th october...
29  cards
Who Mattered In Mussolinis Appointment?
Give some reasons why the king wa...,
Give some reasons why mussolini i...,
What factors suggest mussolini ha...
14  cards
Italian unification timeline
Jan 1860,
Apr 1860,
May 1860
12  cards
Italian unification
What were the separate italian st...,
What pro unification movement had...,
Which nation had fortresses in lo...
16  cards
North/South divide
What did enjoying a multitude of ...,
What did the north hold the bulk of,
Where was most industry concentrated
19  cards
The Church
What was the syllabus of errors,
What happened to the church in 1866,
What was the dogma of papal infal...
23  cards
Italian industry
What were the 3 main parts of ita...,
How economically developed was it...,
What was gdp per capita compared ...
30  cards
Which region enjoyed the benefits...,
How much did wheat production gro...,
What did the state invest heavily...
6  cards
The class system
Describe the peasantry,
Describe the agricultural workers,
Describe the brigand class
8  cards
The monarchy
What did victor emmanuel ii becom...,
Why was victor emmanuel ii so pop...,
What did victor emmanuel ii encou...
23  cards
Liberal Italy
What did massimo d azeglio say in...,
What were the 3 major industrial ...,
Where was the administrative capital
15  cards
Liberal PMs
Describe cairoli s background bef...,
How did cairoli s family augment ...,
How did cairoli further endear hi...
39  cards
Enemies of the state
Describe how socialist support ma...,
Who were syndicalsists,
Who were the mimimalists
17  cards
Government of Italy
What type of government did italy...,
What rights did the king have,
What did the constitution guarantee
11  cards
Gender gap
What did women receive less of th...,
How did writer carpi describe the...,
How did agrigento describe the wo...
8  cards
Banca Romana scandal
When was the banca romana founded,
What happened to the banca romana...,
What happened to the banca romana...
28  cards
The Giolitti Era
When was giolitti elected to the ...,
What happened to giolitti in marc...,
Why did giolitti resign as treasu...
52  cards
Libyan war
Where did the italian claims over...,
What did the italian press begin ...,
How did the italian press depict ...
9  cards
Italian foreign policy 1870-1914
What was the first potential colo...,
What colonial action did italy ta...,
Why did italy s colonial ambition...
47  cards
Analysis of liberal Italy
What had the liberals started the...,
What had the liberals done to eng...,
By how much did national income i...
13  cards
The red week
What was the initial spark for re...,
What did mussolini urge the socia...,
What was the response in subversi...
39  cards
Italy and WW1
What did some of the more cynical...,
What did leading socialist treves...,
What did former pm luzzati have t...
47  cards
The Italian Front
What did conflict on the italian ...,
What rendered offensives on the i...,
How were the environmental condit...
14  cards
Italy at war
Where did italy s rivalry with au...,
Of the 15 million people living i...,
Northern dalmatia was also part o...
69  cards
Vittorio Veneto
Why was there no counter offensiv...,
What state was austria hungary in...,
When did diaz finally launch an o...
6  cards
Evacuation of the Serbs
Why was the serb army having a di...,
Who were the serbian soldiers acc...,
How did the italians evacuate the...
5  cards
The home front
How did the italian state change ...,
Which three powers collaborativel...,
How did industrial working patter...
23  cards
The role of the elites in Mussolini's rise to power
What were the three key decisions...,
Aside from his three key decision...,
What was the general consensus ab...
27  cards
The importance of the King in Mussolini's rise to power
How old was emmanuel iii upon asc...,
Why were public events so stressf...,
Where would emmanuel retire to av...
23  cards
The importance of the liberal PMs in Mussolini's appointment
What three roles did nitti hold d...,
What did nitti s cabinet have to ...,
How did fascists agitation come t...
21  cards
Historians' views on Mussolini's rise to power
How does renzo de felice the most...,
How did liberal historian benedet...,
What did croce believe brought ab...
27  cards
Early days
What was mussolini s confident de...,
How many fascists were in the cab...,
How many fascists were there in t...
27  cards
Mussolini's increasing power 1922-24
Why was mussolini s position of m...,
What was mussolini determined not...,
What did mussolini use the threat...
26  cards
Electoral reform
What did mussolini intend for his...,
What was the acerbo law,
How did mussolini defend the radi...
22  cards
The Matteoti crisis
What did giacomo matteoti do on 3...,
How did fascists deputies respond...,
What did matteoti say as he left ...
10  cards
How did Mussolini respond to the Matteoti crisis?
What did mussolini initially say ...,
How did the crisis impact mussoli...,
What did most opposition deputies do
35  cards
The personal dictatorship
What did mussolini do in the fina...,
What did the 1925 vidoni palace p...,
What did mussolini suppress in 1926
16  cards
What was the supposed fascist des...,
What did mussolini attempt to rel...,
What were new public holidays cre...
41  cards
Historians' views of fascist propaganda
Mack smith,
9  cards
Links to ancient Rome
What artistic cultural and highly...,
What was futurism based upon,
Why did mussolini dislike futurism
8  cards
Opposition in fascist Italy
When and where was the anti fasci...,
Who was the anti fascist concentr...,
What did the anti fascist concent...
27  cards
Opposition case studies
What party did gramsci belong to,
How did gramsci oppose the regime,
Why did is gramsci seen as failin...
20  cards
The Mafia
Where and when did the mafia rise...,
How did the mafia system come about,
What does mafia mean in italian
53  cards
The impact of policy on Mussolini's popularity
How did employment policy increas...,
What were the shortcomings of mus...,
How did welfare organisations inc...
24  cards
Growing challenges to liberal political dominance (1896-1915)
What happened to the economy in t...,
What happened to the liberal econ...,
24  cards
Liberal governments (1896-1915)
Why did italy take such a repress...,
How did the repressive government...,
Why can liberal repression be see...
22  cards
Liberal Italy on the eve of WWI
What did the liberals claim they ...,
What had been introduced to creat...,
List the economic successes by th...
35  cards
Italy at war
What did the triple alliance dema...,
What was the government s justifi...,
How did the italian people respon...
19  cards
The economic and political impact of WWI
What did italy manage to avenge w...,
What was the human cost of partic...,
How had the treasury responded to...
44  cards
Italian unification 1815-70 (textbook)
What did austrian statesman mette...,
How long had it been since the co...,
Describe the state of italy at th...
25  cards
Problems facing liberal Italy 1870-96
What of the new italian populatio...,
What did this mean,
What were these liberals sometime...
30  cards
Mussolini and the birth of fascism
What was m the editor of,
What did he have in common with d...,
What caused m to renounce his for...
23  cards
The rise of fascism 1919-21
What was the one upside of the 19...,
How was the 1919 election bad for...,
Why was it so bad that the libera...
88  cards
Mussolini seizes the initiative: May 1921-October 1922
What two important things had the...,
Why did he announce that the fasc...,
What did m know he needed to do t...
57  cards
To what extent was Mussolini's success the result of liberal weakness?
What debate has there been since ...,
What are some of the main ideas b...,
What is renzo de felice s opinion...
40  cards
The creation of the fascist dictatorship 1924-8
Why was m not a dictator in 1924 ...,
What was unclear in 1924,
What would simultaneously threate...
45  cards
Propaganda and the cult of personality
What had made m first come to nat...,
What was he determined to use pro...,
What was he anxious to control
41  cards
Mussolini and government
What was m determined to ensure,
What would this mean,
What had the traditional role of ...
60  cards
Mussolini and the fascist party
What did m have to decide once he...,
What were his two main options here,
How can we tell that m found thes...
48  cards
Relations between party and state
How did the party lose its previo...,
What did it still have despite this,
What did he hope that the party c...
27  cards
Popular support and opposition
What was the consequence of m s c...,
What does the death of matteoti p...,
Give a statistic to show the viol...
68  cards
How popular was the regime?
Describe contemporary views on th...,
What foreign journalists at the t...,
23  cards
Mussolini's economic aims
What does m have in common with h...,
What did neither of them have upo...,
What did m s determination to cli...
14  cards
The impact of Fascist economic policies on Italian industry
How was m fortunate in terms of w...,
Why was it also beneficial that t...,
Give a statistic to prove this
123  cards
The impact of Fascist economic policies on Italian agriculture
What did m not concern himself wi...,
What were these underlying problems,
What did he do to agriculture as ...
45  cards
How far did fascism improve the Italian economy?
What were many foreign journalist...,
What phrase sums up this foreign ...,
Explain this phrase
35  cards
Living standards
I will make a statement and you s...,
Describe the living standards and...,
Describe the living standards and...
4  cards
List the fascist motivations for ...,
Why was it launched on 1925 labou...,
When was it reorganised under the...
59  cards
Autarky and fashion
What was the regime trying to do ...,
Why was the regime trying to do this,
How did the regime try and do this
7  cards
Battle for the Marshes
Explain what the battle was,
What were the motivations behind ...,
How did the regime try and achiev...
8  cards
The Battle for Grain
1925 35 was a period of crisis fo...,
Describe the motivations behind t...,
How did the regime achieve their ...
7  cards
The Battle for the Lira
What was it,
What were the motivations behind it,
How did they do it
6  cards
Fascist response to the Great Depression
How did the gd impact italy,
How did the banks respond to the ...,
What did this lead to
29  cards
Historians' assessment of fascist economic policy
What was tannenbaum s view,
What is maier s view,
What is di scalia s view
4  cards
Were Italians better off under fascism (economy)
List the factors that suggest tha...,
List the factors that suggest tha...,
What kind of welfare system did t...
36  cards
List the motivations behind autarky,
I consider italy to be in a perma...,
List the actions the regime took ...
7  cards
The corporate state
Describe the theory behind the co...,
What did leading fascist theorist...,
Give the reasons why a new way of...
34  cards
Young Italy
What would children have to recit...,
List the characteristics that m w...,
What were the motivations behind ...
107  cards
Women and fascism
Explain the difference between m ...,
What do the differences between t...,
What was the fascist saying about...
64  cards
Fascism and the Catholic Church
Why did m not seem particularly c...,
What was his willingness to coope...,
Why did m want to reconcile with ...
72  cards
Fascism and anti semitism
What the way that the nazis and i...,
What were the levels of anti semi...,
How much of the italian populatio...
163  cards
Fascistisation of the people
What is fascism largely character...,
List the things that fascism opposes,
List the things that the fascists...
10  cards
Reform of customs
Who was especially disappointed b...,
What did m begin to do to the reg...,
What did m say in conversation wi...
13  cards
How successful was M at creating a nation of fascists?
Give a joke told in the early 194...,
What makes it so difficult to dis...,
How do plebiscites show support f...
51  cards
M's foreign policy
Why was m still angry at britain ...,
What did he want to do to italy s...,
Why did m think that italy was in...
363  cards
How secure was liberal Italy in 1914
Explain how astonishing the two y...,
What would this remarkable risorg...,
What factors prevented italy from...
89  cards
How great a challenge did WWI and socialism propose to the liberal state?
Give an example of a nationalist ...,
Why was he and other nationalists...,
What did the nationalists do to p...
47  cards
Why was M appointed PM in 1922
How was m influenced by his place...,
How was m influenced by his father,
What doid m always stress about h...
40  cards
Historians interpretations of the rise of fascism
7  cards
What did italian scholar filippo ...,
What did m say in apr 1940 suppor...,
How did m respond to badoglio s c...
54  cards
The home front 1941-44
What was the reason that italian ...,
Explain how the regime mismanaged...,
Describe the limited production a...
11  cards
Italy and WWI revision session
1  cards

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