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Ch.1: Introduction to the Safety Officer Role
The person or persons assigned an...,
According to nims a member of the...,
What can an effective iso be able...
26  cards
Ch. 2: Safety Concepts
To become an iso that can make a ...,
Isos must also be well grounded i...,
What is defined as the ability of...
108  cards
Ch. 3: Guiding Regulations, Codes, Laws, Standards, and Procedures
Which was responsible for develop...,
What event was used to make the n...,
How many chapters are currently i...
34  cards
Ch. 4: Designing an Incident Safety Officer System
What shall define criteria for th...,
The design of the iso program sho...,
How will an incident commander tr...
97  cards
Ch. 5: Professional Development and Mastery
List the three areas that an iso ...,
What are the efforts called when ...,
What is the first step towards pr...
45  cards
Ch. 6: Reading Buildings
To say that a building collapses ...,
What type of explicit detail and ...,
What is imposed on building mater...
99  cards
Ch. 7: Reading Smoke
Smoke leaving a structure has fou...,
The product of incomplete combust...,
What can help the iso determine t...
126  cards
Ch. 8: Reading Risk
Firefighters make choices about t...,
Firefighter s action approach to ...,
Instead of arbitrarily aggressive...
38  cards
Ch. 9: Reading Hazardous Energy
Stored potential energy that caus...,
The effective iso categorizes the...,
What is the integrity of electric...
53  cards
Ch. 10: Reading Firefighters
If we are truly dedicated to prev...,
What are the related factors that...,
What is the science of adapting w...
64  cards
Ch. 11: Triggers, Traps, and Working Within Incident Command Systems
What is the element that tips the...,
The failure to work in harmony wi...,
The basic approach of an iso to h...
73  cards
Ch. 12: A Basic Approach to ISO Duties
What is perhaps the biggest issue...,
The iso role can be viewed as ess...,
What are the two most common appr...
48  cards
Ch. 13: The ISO at Structure Fires
What incident types are considere...,
What two general areas at structu...,
What are risks associated with st...
72  cards
Ch. 14: The ISO at Wildland and Interface Fires
What term is usually applied to t...,
What are the well known factors t...,
A wildland fire term used to desc...
58  cards
Ch. 15: The ISO at Hazmat Incidents
What types of incidents create an...,
The assignment of an iso at a haz...,
When the iso does not have a tech...
56  cards
Ch. 16: The ISO at Technical Rescue Incidents
What two challenges have led fire...,
The assignment of an iso is manda...,
A person who meets or exceeds the...
60  cards
Ch. 17: Postincident Responsibilities
What are the common postincident ...,
Reflective or introspective menta...,
Postincident introspection is nor...
40  cards
ISO Mix Study Guide
Which would have the greater capa...,
What is a person s physiological ...,
What can water that has collected...
280  cards

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